Fruitcake depicts the classic holiday spirit. Filled with candied or dried fruit, these Christmas cakes are rich and delicious. Like every other dessert, fruit cake recipes are also customized in the US every household. But, the tradition of consuming fruit cakes in the holiday season is forever. Often eaten as it is but at times can be paired with various dressings like butter, cream or even with icing on top. The earliest memories of fruitcakes go back to Ancient Rome, but the Americans started adapting to it during the early 16th century. But, what makes it delicious? Let’s take a look at the tricks and ingredients.

Things that make fruitcake so delicious

The traditional recipe of fruitcakes calls for flour, eggs, sugar, brandy or rum, or whiskey, but there are alternatives for alcohol too. While, many assume fruitcakes to be dry and crumbly, but that’s untrue. If baked right, a fruit cake can be very moist and would be filled with fruity-nutty flavors in every bite.


Using good quality ingredients

Even though fruitcakes taste finer with age, a good fruitcake is always made with fresh ingredients. Whether it’s the eggs, spices, or dry fruits; using fresh and quality ingredients always make a huge difference in the flavors. Some Fruitcakes contain warm spices like ginger, cloves, or even cinnamons. To ensure the flavors of spices are well incorporated evenly, fresh spices should be used.

Fruit cakes contain tons of dry fruits

There is nothing as too many dry fruits in fruitcakes. Most fruitcakes have a lot of dry fruits. The ingredients are not restricted to just nuts. Adding apricots, golden raisins, prunes, peaches, dark raisins, pecans, and even pineapples and papayas in fruitcakes, makes it richer.

Soaked dry fruits

The key is to let the dry fruits soak up the liquid. Whether the dry fruits are soaked in brandy or rum or whiskey or even fruit juice, the key is to let it soak for a longer period. This allows the dry fruits to break down and absorb the entire flavor from the liquid.


It might sound strange, but honey in fruit cake is mouth-watering. When combined, this sticky sweet liquid takes fruitcakes to a whole different level. It helps in making the cake moister and less crumbly too.

Even Baking

Fruitcakes bake at a much lower temperature compared to other cakes because of their dense batter. They take comparatively longer time too. It is crucial to let the cake bake at a low temperature so that the cake is cooked throughout and not just the top.

Aging the fruitcake

Like many kinds of cheese and most wines, fruitcake tastes better when left in a dry and cold place placed in an air-tight container. This allows the ingredients to mix well after getting baked allowing better taste and flavors. Although one can eat fresh fruit cake also, it’s completely a personal preference.


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