Gems are valuable or high-quality minerals that have great aesthetics, value, and symbolism. Gems have been valued by humanity since ancient times and, today, they continue to be elements of attraction and fascination for many people.

Gems are precious or semi-precious stones that are commonly used for jewellery, decoration, collecting, or symbolism. Gems are mainly characterised by their brilliance, their unique colours, their hardness, their rarity and their chemical composition.

Some of the most prominent gems throughout the world are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topazes, opals, and turquoises.

Where to buy gems?


There are many places where it is possible to purchase gems, both physically and online from the comfort of our own homes. However, not all sellers offer the same quality, guarantee, and security. For this reason, it is necessary to choose a trusted and prestigious place when buying gems.

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Why are gems so valued?

Gems are minerals valued for various reasons. Firstly, the gems have a unique shine and colour, making them stand out greatly among the rest of the existing materials. Some gems even have strange optical effects, such as colour change or iridescence. Additionally, the beauty of gemstones can be enhanced through cutting, polishing and setting in jewellery.

Another important aspect is that gems have a fairly high economic value due to their scarcity, high demand and quality. The value of a gem depends mainly on various factors such as its size, weight, purity, colour, cut, and clarity. However, the economic value of gems can also be affected by fashion and trends or personal tastes.

Additionally, gemstones often contain symbolic and emotional meanings for many people throughout the world. Some are associated with zodiac signs, months of the year or mood.

Gemstones are frequently given as a representation of love, friendship, commitment, or celebration. Likewise, gems can also have high sentimental and historical value for their owners.

What are the most demanded gems?

The preferred gems may be different depending on the individual tastes of each person, the culture of each region or the times. However, some of the most in-demand and generally popular gems are the following:

  • The diamond : it is the hardest and most resistant gem that exists. It usually has a transparent white colour, but there are also versions of other colours, such as blue and pink or even black and yellow. The diamond is a symbol of purity, eternity and unconditional love, being one of the gems most used in engagement and wedding rings.
  • Ruby : This is a reddish version of the mineral known as corundum. Its colour can range from pink to deep red and typically represents passion, power, and bravery. It is known as the gem of the zodiac sign of Leo and the month of July.
  • Sapphire : like ruby, it is a different version of corundum, which can have different colours, such as blue, violet, green or yellow. Sapphires are usually a symbol of wisdom, fidelity and tranquillity, in addition to representing the month of September and the zodiac sign of Virgo.

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