The cosmetic consumption and the beauty market have grown unprecedentedly over the past few years. The global cosmetic industry was estimated with a whopping $483billion worth in 2020 and is expected to grow up to$716 billion by 2025. With more and more women and even men turning to the daily use of cosmetics, delivery becomes a major challenge.

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GuruApp has made available genuine concealers that are perfect for hiding the unwanted details, blemishes and under eye dark circles.  Want to highlight your skin’s best features; GuruApp has a wide range of best concealers perfect for all skin types, age and ganders at the best prices in Pakistan. In addition, you can easily find other high quality products such as bronzers, blush, face primer and contours that make your makeup kit complete.

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Hover over the lips products category and you will find an array of lips beautification products. For example, lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liner, liquid lipsticks and lip balm.  Save your lips from cracking and dryness with genuine lips care and lips makeup products that GuruApp has made available to you online in Pakistan with fast home delivery service.

When it comes to wearing complete makeup, nails can never be ignored. Perfectly polished nails not only make the nails become healthier, but also give that extra personality boosts. GuruApp brings you some of the best nails polishes and paints that stick longer, appear glossy and thicker. GuruApp provides the best matte polish, gel polish, lacquer polish, satin polish and shine polish at reasonable prices.

While shopping makeup products at GuruApp, you don’t need to be concerned about the shipping service. GuruApp provides fast shipping services all over Pakistan. In addition, GuruApp has a flexible exchange and return policy that allows customers to replace, or return any item for whatever reason.  GuruApp is committed to make your cosmetic shopping experience as satisfactory as possible.