Showers are critical components in every home in considerations of the bathroom. A shower is typically a place where one bathes under a spray with cold, warm, or hot water. A variety of factors determines the operation of a shower, the main one being the Shower Head.

The showerheads are very significant to the operation of a shower. There are two main types of showers heads. Some showers are made to have a showerhead connected to a hose and are moveable (HandHeld Shower Head). Then ones which have nozzles pointing down at the top of the head (Standard Shower Head). You can learn more from the Hansgrohe shower head reviews.

It is essential to know how these showerheads work and their difference to know which one will suit you best. It is for this reason that we have compiled this article for you to look at Handheld Shower Head vs. Standard Shower Head.

What is a Shower Head?

Before we go on to discussing this to types of showerheads, let us look at what a shower head is. A shower head is simply a perforated/holed nozzle that is used to distribute water uniformly. It helps to reduce the use of water while showering.

Water Splash on Stainless Steel Shower

Here is a description of the two common shower heads mostly used;

1. Handheld Shower Head

A handheld shower is a typical shower head that is attached to a flexible hose that can be moved. Furthermore, the showerhead can also be mounted and be used as the normal standard shower. They help one to wash the whole body efficiently.

The common features of the handheld showerheads are;

  • Two Modes of use

This showerhead is usually used in two modes of usage. This is as a flexible shower head or a fixed on. When it is detached from any location, it acts as a flexible and movable shower head, and when it is mounted, it is used as a fixed shower head.

  • Flexible Adjustment

The showerhead as a fixed adjustment, this is that it can be moved from point to point around the bathroom. You can hold the hose attached to the showerhead and conveniently bathe.

  • All angled showers

Moreover, the showerhead is for all angled usage. This is in that can be held at any angle while bathing. You can hold it at the top, at the sides, simply on all sides. Simply Multidimensional.

  • Single hand usage

When using this type of shower head, you use one hand to hold onto the head and the Other to bathe.

2. Standard Shower Head

This is one of the simplest showerheads. It is usually designed to have a swiveling/spinning nozzle that aims down towards the user. Then it has a gauge on the tube going up to the showerhead. They are also called fixed showerheads.

  • Overhead showers

The showerheads are mainly based on overhead types of showers. They are fixed to the wall and have the nozzle placed on top of the user where water drizzles from.

  • Single showering angles & Fixed Usage

The standard showerhead has only one angle of bathing, and it is not adjustable. This is from top to bottom onto the user of the shower. The head is also fixed and not moveable at the time of use.

  • Use of two hands

When using this shower, one can bath by the use of two hands. This is because there is no need to hold onto the shower while biting. This is unlike the handheld showers.

  • Multifunctional

The showerhead is said to be multifunctional. This is because the spay patterns can be changed and improvised into other forms as desired by the user.

The Key Differences between the Handheld and Standard Shower Head

  • The Handheld Showerheads are more flexible compared to the standard showerheads, for they are moveable.
  • The Standard showerhead has a continuous rate of flow of water at all times, unlike in the handheld shower head type.
  • A handheld shower operates in two modes that are the moveable and fixed mode while we in the standard shower operate in one mode (fixed).
  • When it comes to Complexity, the handheld showerheads are more complex to install compared to the standard showerheads.
  • Standard showerheads are not convenient for short people to use the showers with handheld showerheads.

Which one is the best?

There is no specific shower head, which can be considered to be the best; it all depends on an individual’s needs and specifications. One should consider factors like his/her budget, installation. Water flow rate etc. The factors will help one arrive at the best alternative.