There are going to be those days where ordering in makes better sense, but for the most part, you’re going to want to do some home cooking if you want to look after your health. On average, it costs nearly five times as much to order a meal from a restaurant than it does to simply cook it at home, but cost is not the only factor to consider. Home cooking also tends to have fewer carbohydrates, less fat and less sugar than the restaurant meals, which can make a substantial difference to your health.

You Get To Choose Your Ingredients

While there are obvious concerns, such as where produce and meat are sourced from, there are also all the added byproducts in restaurant meals that could cause concerns. If you’re opting for takeout especially, you could be consuming far more salt than you thought you were. This is especially true for those who opt for vegetarian or vegan alternatives. These tend to contain more salt to make up for the satiety usually experienced with foods that contain animal products. Studies show that a vegan burger from a well-known food chain has 2.91g of salt, compared to the 1.97g to 2.02g for the chicken varieties. Salt is a known contributor to increased blood pressure.

You Decide On The Method Of Preparation

If you’re trying to follow a healthier lifestyle, one of the challenges you might have to face is coming face-to-face with a healthy food option, only to have it ruined by the method of cooking. For instance, eggplant is packed with nutrition such as minerals, vitamins and fiber. However, the nutritional value is almost eradicated when it’s battered and deep-fried. Methods that would allow for the full flavor to be exposed and still maintain a large portion of the nutritional value include stir-frying, steaming, boiling and broiling. This may not seem fast, but if you’re armed with a non-stick pan and an induction cooktop, the elements you need for a speedy meal are at your fingertips. One important thing when preparing your own food is to ensure you have the right tools, and the most important tool in the kitchen is a set of sharp knives, using blunt knives can be very dangerous. We recommend sending your knives to a professional knife sharpening service to ensure they are sharp and cut safely.

Savings On Your Meals Can Go Towards Additional Nutrition

While you should aim to get all your nutrition from meals, some restrictive eating plans may cause you to miss out on nutrition. For instance, vegans might have to consider B12 and iron as supplements. While iron might be present in plant-based foods, this type of iron is hard to absorb into our bodies. Those who follow a keto eating plan may want to consider magnesium, electrolytes and fiber. Another favorite is simply opting for a Low-Carb-High-Fat diet, which may also require additional supplements, especially if this also excludes sugar in the form of fruits and dairy. Depending on your particular dietary needs and preference, it’s important to keep an eye on nutritional intake.

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Food is at the heart of everyday living, and while it may take a little more effort, it pays off to eat a home-cooked meal. Whether you’re looking to save some cash or merely want to improve your health, home cooking empowers you to take control of your diet.