Self-care is very important and you should never regret the money you spend on yourself and your health and beauty. However, if you can manage some savings, why not enjoy them! Here are a few ways you can save money on beauty products and have your cake and eat it:

Switch out your brands

This might be the most obvious point, but simply opt for cheaper products. If you’ve been using salon-quality products for ages, you might have forgotten that there are many high-quality brands that are much less expensive.

If you’re not ready to give up your pricy name-brand products, try to downgrade at least one item you use daily. Soon you’ll see that the quality is basically the same and you can enjoy more bang for your buck.

Buy in bulk

Buying in bulk is a sure way to save some money when purchasing your cosmetics. If you opt for a buy-in-bulk approach (or opt for larger sizes), savings will quickly pile up.

However, don’t just buy larger sizes or multiple products blindly! It’s always necessary to check the prices of the single unit, because some stores purposely charge more for larger sizes, knowing that many buyers automatically reach for family packs thinking they will save up.

Buy double-duty products

Did you know that there are products you can use for various purposes, not just one? There are gel blushes you can also use as lipstick, powder eye shadow kits as blush, etc. Indian traditional makeup can have even more purposes—blush, bronzer, eye shadow, lipstick, etc.

Buying double-duty products is a great idea because makeup has expiration dates, and since you can now use your products for various purposes, you can avoid waste.

Choose a smart paying option

Many think that money is money no matter what, but sometimes, your payment option can make a difference and save you money. If you often shop at David Jones, use their David Jones American Express card so you can earn reward points or even access to special invitations, free delivery, monthly instalments for bigger purchases, deferred payment and complimentary gift wrapping.

And don’t forget to use the points you’ve managed to collect on other purchases, thus saving money and enjoying your favorite products.

Use coupons and sales

Some hygiene products and makeup offer sales that you can combine with coupons. In many cases, you can get items for free!

If you run into a bargain achieved by combining coupons and sales, buy in bulk so you’re stocked until the next opportunity.

If you sign up for email updates, you can find out everything about upcoming sales and receive coupons, so you can prepare.

Collect samples

Makeup and toiletry samples can be a great way to get products for free. Don’t hesitate to take free product samples and ask for freebies when visiting makeup counters. Even some counters in drugstores are willing to give out samples if you ask.

This is a great way to get free products and also try something before you decide to invest in a full-size item.

Simply use less

If you watch advertisements for makeup and toiletries, you can see actors using a glob of this and a handful of that. The truth is that you don’t need half as much product.

Directors insist on using too much product in order to boost your consumption, run out of products sooner and buy new items.

In reality, you can half your usual amount of cream for your face and quarter the use of toothpaste, all while getting the same results.

These tips are all so very simple, yet they can bring you amazing savings on most beauty products.

Once you get used to your new purchasing and application routine, you will always have money in your wallet to invest in other beauty treatments and pampering!