A recent study asked 2,000 parents in the UK about the outdoor activities of their children. Many said that they would like their kids to play outside more often. The coronavirus had made the situation even more difficult. However, there are some ways on how to overcome safety concerns and get kids to play outside more often.

No win no fee claim specialists, National Accident Helpline looked further into this topic, discovering the percentage of parents who would and would not like their children to spend more time outdoors.

Fun Games & Competitions for Kids to Play Indoor

Here are some of the key findings that the survey produced:

– 86% of parents would like to see their children play outside more often

– safety concerns are some of the most important worries for over half of the participants(57%).

How can you control safety concerns?

Especially current times with the pandemic impacting our lives, can be especially hard onparents. How do you ensure that your children spend enough time outside and still keep them safe? This can be a real struggle for parents who don’t have a garden. Kids who spend too much time indoors will quickly get restless, leaving parents struggling to find a solution. Lockdowns don’t make the situation easy, but if you do get a chance to go outside, there are some ways in which the outdoors can be safely explored with children.

Taking kids to remote places in the countryside can make it easier to maintain social distancing and enable them to take off their masks.

When children want to enjoy outdoor adventures with their friends or siblings, they often prefer to do so on their own. While this can be a great way to build confidence, don’t be afraid to supervise them as much as you feel is necessary. Staying at a distance will give them their space and keep them safe. Drawing up imaginary boundaries in open fields, such as the border of the woods, can help when supervising them. Inviting a friend or bringing a babysitter who can help watch children as they explore wooded areas or splash in a river is often helpful.

– Visit parks and recreation areas close to home to minimize travel, which can expose you to the virus.

Travel is also something to consider when trying to keep your kids safe from the coronavirus. While it can be a good idea to get out into the countryside or go on a hiking trip, be careful of long trips, especially if they involve spending time in public places with other people. Instead of taking the train, rent a car or bike to your destination.