Fun Games & Competitions for Kids to Play Indoor

Fun Games & Competitions for Kids to Play Indoor

Find a Prize

Tell customers that you need a small price for an opaque cup with a deep edge. But in one case: the cup should be over the player’s head and rewarded for ten seconds. You brought the cup to the room so volunteers can’t see the contents. You hold the cup over the player’s head and he will look for rewards. Your little secret is that the cup is full of oatmeal and the price is small. If you can’t find the first guest, try the next one. Notice the facial expression of the first player – he does not immediately know what he is doing.


Several pieces of paper were prepared for the game: a large piece of paper attached to the player’s head with rubber bands, and several small pieces of paper hanging over his head. In these capital letters you can type numbers. The player puts on a hat, blindfolds and ready to put a hat on the hat. That is, with active support from the public, players blindly try to turn the tip of their shell into a small piece. There are several options for the game: you can play with a player for a while to score a goal, or you can schedule a match between two players. Many people sit faster, etc.

Colored Ponytails

The reader is attached to the belt with the blunt side of the sewing tape. Attach four multicolored ribbons from 30 to 40 cm with velcro. Each bond brings a number of points to its owner. The player moves to the field, removes the opponent’s tape and then ties them to the back of the tape to protect themselves. After 2-3 minutes, the game stops and the player calculates the result.

Wild Horses

The manager is selected and the remaining players are divided into three groups. They form a wild horse. The first place is the head, the second place the body and the third place the tail. The second player held the first player’s belt and the third player held the second player’s belt. The pilot tries to grab the Mustang, which is the tail (on the belt of the last player). When this happens, the “head” of the horse becomes the head.

Hockey Players

For relays, you need plastic bottles of different sizes, empty them and fill them with water (6 to 7). Place the right water bottle for 1 meter. A door is installed or drawn at the end of the path. Two teams have a club. First-Player Task: Use a stick to bring back an empty plastic bottle, an isolated obstacle to the goal (score), then return to the team and transfer the stick to the next “hockey player”. The fastest team wins.

You know more – you will be closer

Choose a playground, such as a lawn surrounded by trees or a playground in a city. All players receive a rope and attach to fixed objects (trees, leather, etc.). The host is in the middle of the site. No player can join him. Then, the leader develops them by asking all the players questions and distributing strings to get answers that connect the players to their real answers. The first player to become a leader wins. It is not necessary to keep all players at the same distance from the leader, the length of the strings may also be different.

Cat and Mouse

If you select “Chat” and “Mouse”, all other players form a circle and hold their hands. The cat is behind the circle and the mouse is inside. From time to time, cats try to penetrate the mouse and protect the other players: they prevent it from slipping and falling from their hands; try not to let him twist his hands and raise them … if the cat manages to fall into a circle, the player must open the chain quickly. The mouse can jump out of the circle and have time to hold the cat’s hand behind the mouse. Outside, the mouse mocks the cat. When the cat manages to leave the circle, the player must open the chain for a while to let the mouse in, but not the cat. The game continues until the cat catches the mouse.

Fun Games & Competitions for Kids to Play


Games for 7 to 10 people. Everyone draws a circle around him – it’s a warehouse. The driver has no deposit, he moves from player to player, the latter clinging to the back. The train moves in a random direction of the terrain until the driver hops. All cars and engines were tried in the warehouse. The player leaving the seat becomes the driver.

Strong Arm

The facilitator invites people in need and does the following: Hold the newspaper around the corner with your right hand, and then quickly insert the entire magazine into the fist. Who is faster – wins.

Fruit Basket

The children sat in a circle. Everyone chooses the name of the fruit for himself: apple, orange, pear, grape, lemon, etc. A child is a buyer, he forms a circle and asks what he has bought. For example, the buyer should answer, “I bought an apple and a pear.” Those he named had to change locations, and the buyer tried to replace one of them. Out of stock, players become buyers.

There are some children play areas that have these interesting indoor games. People who don’t have play area in their homes can take their kids there.