As a matter of fact, it’s important for mothers to know how long their babies are going to wear newborn baby clothes. Not only this, but there are many questions that need to be answered in terms of Newborn Clothes for the babies. 

Here are some questions that have been answered for the new mothers –

a). How long does the infant fit into the newborn baby clothes?

There aren’t many people who can resist the lure of the designer baby clothes online. However, the fact is that your baby isn’t going to wear the newborn sizes for a long duration. If your baby weighs 8lbs or less than that during birth, you can plan on wearing the newborn sizes for around three to four weeks. 

b). Are the 0-3 months and newborn baby clothes the same size?

The size mainly depends from baby to baby. The 0 3 months baby clothes are mostly different from that of the newborn baby clothes, however, for some, they might be the same. Most of the babies weigh up to  8 1/2lbs and 21 inches. The sizes vary as per the brands. 

c). Do all the newborn babies fit into the newborn baby clothes easily?

The clothing sizes will differ for all the newborn babies because the babies come in various sizes and shapes and you can’t determine it beforehand. For instance, Preemie usually fit the babies who are up to 17 inches and five pounds, Newborn size fits an average baby who’s around 21.5 inches during the birth time. 

newborn clothes

d). How much money you must spend on newborn baby clothes? 

If you talk about the average cost for the newborn baby clothes, it’s around  $60/month in the beginning. The cost always varies for the first year and is highly correlated with income. Lower the income of the family, half of the half amount will be spent on the outfits. 

e). Should you buy the newborn baby clothes or the 0-3 months sized clothes?

Most of the six-month-old babies can wear clothes that are amazing for the 9-12 months baby. For instance, if you’re buying the garments for the six-month-old babies, it’s best to buy clothes as per 0-3 months baby as the newborn size might quickly outgrow. So check the best baby product brands in UK.

f). What clothes you must buy for a newborn?

There are many things that you need to keep in mind while buying clothes for newborn babies. Initially, you can go for six jumpsuits, six singlets, two mighties, jumpsuits for the nightwear, three tops, cardigans and jackets along with a pair of socks. 

g). How expensive it is to have a baby?

One of the most average prices of having a baby is via vaginal delivery and it costs around $5,000 – $11,000 in many cities and states. This is as per the data gathered by Fair Health. The prices include the total duration of the care, from the prenatal care, obstetrician’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee, and the hospital fee. 

h). How to buy baby clothes?

You can buy designer baby clothes online from MoonBun. Collect onesies, bodysuits, infant gowns, or the tops with wide head openings and loose legs like vests, undershirts, one-piece pajamas, rompers and other things that are comfortable for the baby. 

Once you know the answers to all your questions, it’s time for you to start shopping for your baby!

Happy Shopping!