A daycare on Coney Island even at the first stage — choosing a kindergarten — will establish itself as one of the best kindergartens for future geniuses. The methodologist will provide all the information on raising children by phone or by contacting the post office. Kindergarten is aimed at an individual approach to your child. The joint work of qualified specialists who work according to the age range of children is the foundation of work with a baby, which will remind itself in the future.

In the Daycare in Coney Island, children receive comprehensive basic development with an emphasis on children’s play. With their help, children receive not only standard knowledge, but also prepare to solve life situations, learn to communicate with society. Each child is cared for along with his habits, skills, and in this way, the teachers give the correct presentation of information.


At the same time, full respect and trust in the baby is guaranteed, who ceases to be shy and feels comfortable in kindergarten, as if he had not left the house. In Coney Island daycare it starts with clean carpets, cozy sofas, and ends with a teaching style that engages children in a relaxed yet learning environment, exploring the world and becoming strong personalities.

What is the teaching method in Brighton Beach daycare?

The method of teaching in a kindergarten is based on ‘Finger pay’ — recognition of the world through tactile sensations. These include:

● playing on the floor;
● fine motor skills;
● creative tasks like singing and dancing;
● speech modeling.


The teaching method also adapts to age, so that the child can, based on his age, carefully assimilate information and not get confused during the lessons. Don’t worry if the children come home and say they haven’t studied anything. All information is given so easily and in a playful way that the kid does not even notice how he or she is learning something new. There are several groups for training:

● Researchers, 0 – 24 months;
● Intelligentsia, for children from 2 years old to 3 years old;
● Specialists, from 2 years to 4 years;
● Professors, for preschool age from 4 years old to 5 years old.


The common thing for all groups is a clear daily routine that teaches the baby to be in order and organization. The plan of the day includes breakfast, a walk, games and activities, lunch, a quiet hour.

A similar thing exists in every educational institution for preschoolers, but in a Coney Island daycare it was created to teach a child from an early age in discipline, to teach him how to plan his day, while not overloading him. The task is to combine the vision of a talented personality in a child, without going through age opportunities. Thus, in the first days of school, the baby will easily enter the regime, will not feel worse than a peer, and knows exactly what his own capabilities he can count on.