Most girls think marrying Dr McDreamy would solve all their lifetime problems. Well life with a doctor is not that sugary as it seems.

We wrote down 10 reasons you should never marry a medical doctor. If you still have the chance, run girl, run!

1. Always busy

trust doctor

2. Hard to impress, doctors have seen it all

mcdreamy3. Unless you are critically ill, don’t expect any medical attention

doctor4. If you are a jealous person, you will have hard time with the attention your spouse doctor gets

overjealous5. A doctor almost always brings some work home

Doctor working with laptop computer

6. Their work almost always comes first, so be ready for divorce if you are going to be a distraction

mcdreamy leaving7. Most of your dates and outings will be cancelled

busy at dinner8. You will call and text with no answer back

no reply

9. You don’t want to touch a doctor’s cell phone, you don’t know where it has been

10. You can’t fake being sick to get some attention like Rachel and Monica did in FRIENDS.xHave more reasons not to marry a Doctor or are you already married and have your reasons to be with one? Leave in the comment section below…..