While browsing online, we found a Travel Blogger who moved to Dahab and decided to write down her experience. Apparently, she has lovely and detailed views about her move to Dahab in South Sinai in Egypt. We decided to share her Journey with our readers about one of the most beautiful places in Egypt.

Here is an Awesome Girl’s testimony about her move to Dahab and her 21 reasons she did it:

Many people were surprised that everything would be left in Cairo and I wanted to live in Dahab, and they asked me to write my experience, so I said I should point out the reasons that made me prefer living in Dahab all the time 😎

1- Of course, one of the most important reasons is the calm and psychological comfort that I felt in Dahab, away from the shower and the crowds of Cairo ☺

2- The longest journey in his soul is in ten minutes by taxi or Arabic, and I can spend it in a hurry or a scooter.

3- Since I am a daytime being, this was the most suitable place for me because Dahab wakes up early 🌅

4- I found all the activities that I love like Hiking, Camping, Parasailing, Snorkeling, Diving and other activities 🏊🏄🪂


5-The yoga and gym you need are there 💪

6- When I want to change the atmosphere in the spirit of Sharm, Ras Muhammad, Nuweiba, Nabq, Catherine, Taba, it’s all close, between an hour and an hour and a half in Arabic, as if I was going to Nasr City from Maadi 😀

7- There are no traffic lights, no bridges, no parked cars, the roads are all open 🚦

8- People here are very cool, not zombies biting each other 😎

9- No one has an invitation, what do you do, no one interferes in your life and your style, do what makes you comfortable without fearing people’s looks or their words, if it makes a difference with you 😉

10- Dahab has two faces, a bourgeois face 🏠 represented in hotels like Panda, Jannat Sina, Swiss, Meridian and Sunny Compounds, Dahab and Dahab Heights, and in the popular Dahab in Al-Aslah.

11-Most of the services and products are available all the time


12- All the time you see the sea from anywhere 🏖️

13- In a tourist market in the walk and in a popular market from which you can buy all your needs 🐓🐟🥞🍳

14- The Internet is available to all networks, normal, buy a 4G router and operate it without a land line 👌

15- In Al-Ahly Bank, Egypt, CIB and in ATM of other banks 💵

16- Diversity in cafes and restaurants throughout the day, and in cafes that offer a band at night 🎤🎹

17- The world is very safe for me as a girl, there are no thefts, harassment, absurdities at any time of the day 😊


18- There is no winter, and this is for me the most important reason that the weather is warm all year round, but it is a little hot in the summer, but the sea and the two people are there all the time ☀️

19- I love mountains and unspoiled nature, and this is the most suitable place where you meet the harmony of nature between the sky, the sea, the sun, the mountains🏞️

20- There is transportation for everyone, such as Joe Bus, Blue Bus, and Weibus 🚌

21- Literally every day I meet people by chance anywhere in Dahab and we spend a nice time together 🧕🧑‍🦰👱🧑‍🦱

Of course, the nature of my work in the field of digital marketing allows me to work from anywhere 🌏 and this can be the only advantage of Corona that allowed me to move anywhere as long as I have the Internet, laptop 💻 and mobile 📲 I work from the sea, the bus or the house in my comfort

I don’t find any difficulty in letting go of everything that tires me and puts pressure on my nerves behind my back and start a new life away from all stress and pressures and everything that can tire me 😌

Praise be to God, I did not find any difficulty in convincing my family that they came to live with me here for the same reasons that I mentioned above 👆 so I stayed among my family and there is no problem that hinders anyone from the rest of my family or friends that they come here at any time

My advice to you is to get out of the crowded cities, because they put pressure on our nerves and make us only live with the machines of our role. We work and die and only travel even if the country is going crazy Travel and come back and travel again ✈️🧳

This is my personal experience, I hope it helps you. See you in Dahab all well.

That was a cool life experience from the Girl who decided to move to Dahab and change her lifestyle completely. Thinking of doing the same? Leave a comment in the section below…