No one knows your significant other’s taste in fashions better than you, and when it comes to shopping for the latest in-style wardrobe essentials, you’ll want to be up to date on what’s loading the runway this year. From hot workout gear with shoes to match and faux fur coats for those brisk winter nights, you’ll find fashion gifts that are timeless and practical.

Check out these four best fashion gift ideas for your loved one.

Diva Workout Fashions

Does your partner rarely miss a day on the court or at the gym? If so, they’ll appreciate the latest styles in gym wear designed to soak up moisture and provide comfort during those intense workouts. When shopping for workout clothes, make sure to choose leggings or gym shorts with moisture-wicking fabric that’s made to keep you dry. You’ll find a plethora of colors and styles available to mix and match pieces, but if you want to play it safe, buy a matching set. Add a hoodie for staying warm during outdoor sports, and don’t forget a cute matching beanie.

Cool Kicks for the Shoe Lover

If your partner loves sneakers, you’ll score big points by shopping for gifts for shoe lovers. Maybe your significant other is a fitness guru who has to have more than one sneaker option in the closet. Consider gifting the Nike Air Max 97 for casual outings or days when they’re spending more time coaching clients than performing on the court.

Do they love the outdoors and hiking the mountain terrain? Shop the latest fashions in shoe gift ideas and look for hiking boots such as the Timberland Waterproof Boot that can stand up to any hike no matter how tough. And to top off your choices with the comfort they’ll appreciate after the hike, consider a lined pair of Crocs for in-style casual wear.

Personalized Gifts

Faux Fur Coats

Nothing feels better than being wrapped in furry warmth on a cold, snowy day. Give your loved one a faux fur coat in their favorite color or style. From belted to cropped, you’ll find plenty of jacket options for making your beloved happy this holiday season.

And did you know that fur coats never go out of style? Designers may change the lengths or colors each year, but you can be guaranteed that your darling will always be runway-ready year after year with stylish faux fur.

Warm & Cozy Robes

Cold nights are best when spent at home snuggled by the fire in a warm, thick robe and cozy slippers. No matter what holiday or special occasion you’re celebrating, gifting a snuggly robe is a great gift idea, especially when you add a basket of spa products they’ll love, such as holiday-inspired scented soaps or shower gels. Pro tip: add a special touch by personalizing it with their initials or name.

Celebrate the Holidays in Style

Make this a memorable holiday by shopping for the latest styles in fashion that your special person will enjoy wearing. Shop for gifts that match your loved one’s tastes in clothing and celebrate with a dinner reservation or special outing where they can show off their new duds.