Gifting is generally an act of kindness or love for someone. It can move the giftee emotionally and feel touched. It’s not so much about what the gift contains but more about the excitement it creates for the giftee. People exchange or give gifts on occasions like a birthday or wedding or for no rhyme or reason. The idea of gifting something that can remind the giftee of you has the potential to give both the giver and the recipient a sense of joy.

A gift like a beautiful piece of luxury jewelry can strengthen and symbolize the bond between two people for eternity. Since time immemorial, jewelry has been one of the most common gifts given to a person close to your heart.

Wonder what makes purchasing Jewelry as a gift so worthwhile? Regardless of other trends, gold and diamond accessories from Melissa Kaye Jewelry have been in high demand for gifting.

So, if the recipient has to resale the jewelry he or she will be able to do so easily, because the growing demand keeps it valuable and profitable. Read ahead to find out why jewelry gifting is always relevant.

Jewelry is a luxury generally not self-acquired

Some habits are old, and nobody wants to change them, like gifting your parents with your first salary or buying your husband/wife’s wedding ring. Until you’re extremely wealthy and have a knack for jewelry like a hip-hop artist, you don’t usually buy jewelry for yourself. The uniqueness and cost of jewelry make it special as a gift.

Generally, you will find people investing in their shoes, bags, shirts quite often but not so much on one’s jewelry.

Jewelry is symbolic and sentimental

Who can forget the symbolic necklace scene from the movie Pretty Woman (1990)? When what happened in the movie happens for real, it is bound to sweep a woman off her feet. Remember when your father or mother took you to a jewelry store in Seattle and gifted you your first piece of jewelry? That day must have remained etched in your memory for eternity.

Jewelry is not just precious but also sentimental and symbolic of the emotions one must have experienced when being gifted.

They also represent some significant periods in one’s life, like a wedding ring exchange to mark the start of a marital relationship.

Jewelry can be for eternity

Your mother must have shown you her jewelry from her childhood, adolescence, and married life. When she took them out of the plush box, the ornaments were as glittery as new.

Well-made jewelry that is cared for and undergoes some regular maintenance can last a lifetime. Clothes get tattered, and even some vintage cars go through some wear and tear, but some jewelry pieces can be upgraded to last forever as a family heirloom!

In some cultures, jewelry is passed on from one generation to the next after marriage or death.


Jewelry for financial security

Remember the Great Recession from 2007 to 2009 and the lives it took? During those turbulent times, only those who had all their jewelry were fortunate enough to feel secure.

Some jewelry can be enjoyed now and in the future. It can have a resale value to survive a family in a penurious condition. It has the potential to make money when the time is dire.

Jewelry can be personalized

Imagine if you had a twin sister and shared a personalized necklace with a heart symbol? That could have been special to affirm the bond. Now you can have jewelry custom-made to signify exactly what you want.

Jewelry suits everyone, no matter the color or age!

Last but not least, jewelry suits everyone! A gift that can please all skin colors, age groups, genders, nationalities, etc. Jewelry also looks good on all body types. You only have to make the right choice for your giftee.


With all the reasons listed above, now you know the answer to your gifting dilemmas!