Getting the perfect gift is rarely easy, and even more so when you’re shopping for someone you love. If you are looking for the best thank you gift ideas for your girlfriend, consider searching online or going out to the mall; you’ll come across plenty of different options, such as fine jewelry, clothes, make-up, etc. With any great gift option for your girlfriend, though, there’s one thing that stands out—every perfect present is one that’s particularly meaningful.

Healthy Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones on an Occasion

Something to Remind Her of You:

Memes aside, it’s unsurprising that one of fans’ favorite moments from the High School Musical trilogy is when Troy offers Gabriella a necklace emblazoned with his initial, T. It might not be quite as dramatic as a gift from Zac Efron, but you can certainly use this concept for your relationship, too. Consider finding an initial necklace that she can wear to have a reminder of your love. Then, every time she clasps it around her neck, she’ll smile and think of you.

Something That Shows Her You Listen:

A necklace with your initial will certainly make her smile but, unless she’s mentioned a particular penchant for that High School Musical scene, it’s not saying much as to the bond you have or the conversations you’ve shared. Consider whether you could surprise her with something that shows her just how much you listen, like supplies for her new favorite hobby or an interest that she mentioned in passing. She’ll certainly be touched to know that you remembered her dreams of visiting Hong Kong when you get her a book all about the city.

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Something for You Both to Share:

It might seem sort of sneaky to get your girlfriend a present that’s also a present for you—or it can be extra touching, since you’ll give the extra gift of time spent together! Consider putting together a date night gift basket or arranging for a getaway for just the two of you, even if that only lasts a single afternoon. She’ll be touched by the thought, of course, but even more excited at the thought of spending some time with you—and you’ll surely be excited, too!

Something to Make Her Smile:

No matter if you’ve been dating for years or just a few weeks, you’ve undoubtedly encountered one of those moments where you spot something in a store window or Facebook ad that makes you think, “Gee, that reminds me of [insert your SO’s name here].” What could be a better gift than something that instantly made you think of her? More often than not, she’ll love the gift as much as you imagine, and it will instantly spark a smile whenever she’s around the present in question.

Something Silly and Sweet:

While a shopping bag filled with thoughtful presents will certainly have an impact, that isn’t to say that every gift you give her must be something thought out and sentimental. Instead, consider including a few light-hearted gifts in the mix, adding a couple inside jokes or other silly things to make her laugh just as much as she’ll smile.

Serious or silly, there’s no shortage of inspiration out there that will point you to the perfect gift for your girlfriend, so long as you know where to look. Think back on the conversaitons you’ve shared, the details she’s revealed about herself, and the moments that have meant the most when you’re around one another. You might even find that you’ve already got more gift ideas in mind than you could ever need! If that’s the case, be sure to make a note of whatever options you don’t use—you never know when you might need another gift idea urgently. This time, though, you’ll be ready with a pre-made list of gift ideas in hand.