Have you ever heard of the phrase, looks matter?  I am pretty sure that all of us have listened to this phrase at some point in our lives. This phrase, looks matter, is more than just an opinion rather it would not be wrong to say that in today’s world it has rather become a universal fact. When you interact with someone for the first time all you judge him on is his or her looks and from that’s where the famous saying originated that the first impression is the last impression.

Everyone wants to look good these days after all good looks bring good vibes. Have you ever imagined of having a good height, a nice toned up body but despite all this you don’t look good because your hair is not on point? Or worse that you don’t have hair at all?

Having partial hair loss and baldness is one of the scariest dilemma’s that majority of the youth have in the twenty first century. If you have experienced hair loss or some sort of baldness, then trust me you are not alone. According to some researches nearly 70% of the people experience some sort of hair loss by the time they reach the age of 30 and nearly 80 to 85% people experience hair loss by the age of 50.


The Solution for Hair Loss

Well if hair loss is a problem then like every other problem it should have a solution. The genius brain of mankind did not take long to find a solution to the hair loss problem. The Hair Replacement System became a popular thing around the turn of the century. The hair replacement system is a process in which a new layer of hair is placed on your head on a base. The base that is placed on the scalp is usually made of medical adhesives but depending upon the quality of your hair and the condition of your scalp this could vary.

In simpler terms the hair replacement system is a modern version of the old wig fashion. Wigs have now become a thing of the past with the advent of this new technology. There have been many reasons for people parting ways from the wigs to hair replacement systems. One of the major reasons is the fact than when a person wears a wig it is clearly evident and easily recognizable that he or she is wearing a wig but in a hair replacement system the hair is so scientifically tuned and customized that it is almost impossible for anyone to recognize that one has gone through this procedure. Moreover, wigs also had issues of color fading, unorderly symmetry and very unnatural looking front lines which clearly made them outdated with this new technology.

Brand New Hairdo

Why Hair Replacement Systems are better

Hair replacement systems are also better than the traditional hair transplant procedure which uses hair from one part of the scalp to the other which is a highly painful process. Replacement systems are relatively cheaper, less painful and most importantly does not not require a surgery as though required in the transplant process.

In simpler terms the hair replacement system is a modern version of the old wig fashion. Wigs have now become a thing of the past with the advent of this new technology.

The replacement system also allows you to customize your hairs with the choosing of whatever color, style and trend you want to. A high quality hair replacement is a little expensive but it’s totally worth it as it allows you to have any hair cut through and also allows you to make whatever style you want. The best thing about this technology is that unlike wigs you don’t have to take it off while doing athletic activities like swimming and running etc.


Well, technology certainly has changed every aspect of our life. The invention of hair system is no less than a blessing for mankind. So don’t wait, rush to your nearest hair replacement surgeon and get your looks modified today! Feel Good, feel better with the new hair style!