It often happens that one of the spheres of our life – work or personal life – is on the sidelines. In this article, you will find useful tips on how to find a work-life balance with minimal harm to both parties.

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Keep Track of Time

Have a test week: control how much time you spend on things that aren’t really that important to you. Review your list of priorities and try to cut off the excess or delegate some of the work to someone else.

Don’t Do Two Things at Once

Forget about multitasking. Only a few of us can handle two or more things equally well in parallel. Most people work well only when they are fully focused on one task. If you are working, then think only about work at this time. If you spend time with your family, there can be no question of any work.


Determine for yourself what is most important in life and what is secondary. Just don’t lie to yourself. You do not need to falsify your principles as “accepted”. Ask yourself, if I could do just one thing in this life, what would I choose? And what did you leave in second place? And on the third? These are your real priorities, remember them.

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Create a Ritual for Yourself Every Day

Choose a specific activity that you will definitely spend time on every day. It can be anything: going to the gym, reading books, visiting a museum, a massage, or just half an hour of complete solitude and silence. Make this a part of your compulsory program each day.

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Respect Personal Time

Do not try to increase the number of hours per day at the expense of personal time. Of course, there are all sorts of emergencies, but often a work problem that suddenly arises may well wait a while.

Take a Look at Your Habits

If you sleep too little, eat poorly, lead a sedentary lifestyle and rarely go outdoors, then no advice will help you find harmony. You would need to change these habits into good ones and take care of your health in order to be the most productive.

Don’t Forget About Vacation

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A person should rest from work for at least two weeks a year. Not counting holidays and weekends. You don’t have to go far and spend a lot of money to relax. The main thing is to completely disconnect from thoughts about work. Turn off your work phone, don’t open any programs that you need for work, imagine that you are unemployed, and just relax.

Add Sport to Your Life

It would seem that adding something to an already tight schedule is nonsense. However, it is the additional physical activity that helps to relieve the intellectual load, relieve stress – and this ultimately makes you more productive. No one talks about long hours of grueling workouts, enough morning exercise, jogging, or just energetic dancing to your favorite music. You will be surprised, but your health condition might improve at once.

Set Clear Boundaries

Set clear rules for yourself: when you are at work, your loved ones should not bother you, unless, of course, something extraordinary happened. And when, for example, you go to football with your son or take a girl to a restaurant, no work issues should concern you. If you don’t have a separate phone to work with, it’s best to just turn off your cell phone at this time or at least turn off the sound.

Learn to Say No

Do not rush to solve other people’s problems at the first call. Be able to refuse help in cases where a person may well manage on their own. That doesn’t mean you have to be stubborn, just remember your priorities and learn to say no tactfully but firmly.


Analyze The Situation and Consolidate Success

It is impossible to achieve a balance that will be maintained by itself. A harmonious existence will always require some effort from you. Another thing is that maintaining an existing balance is much easier than going to it from scratch. Analyze your actions, observe the effect, do not give up what you started with the first failures.

To Sum Up

There will be no immediate result from these actions; this is not the case when you become a completely different person on Monday. Be patient and keep implementing these tips in your everyday life. If you are diligent enough, in a while, you will see the positive changes coming to your life.