Interesting Psychology Dissertation Topics

Interesting Psychology Dissertation Topics

The topic chosen for a dissertation determines the reception it will get once the paper is submitted. You need fresh, captivating, and relevant psychology dissertation topics to make your paper outstanding. While there are numerous ideas you can consider for your paper, not all these topics will serve you right. Some of the topics are good, while others should be avoided by all means.

Each student is expected to come up with a unique topic for his or her paper. The challenge is that some topics fail to meet the required standards and will, therefore, affect your performance. What is it that makes a topic appropriate for a psychology paper?

Relevance- the topic must point at ideas that are relevant to the study of psychology. A person picking your paper should expect to find information that relates to psychology. If the topic discusses psychology as a peripheral issue, it will be dismissed or given a low score.

Freshness- a lot of students and scholars, have written on psychology for years. It means that some of the issues and ideas have been explored. Repeating them in your paper will be counterproductive. Scholars will not find any value in repetition. The information shared and discussions you engage your readers must be on issues that are relevant to the current discussion in psychology.

Interesting- academic reading should not be a boring exercise. You must choose a topic that is mentally engaging and, therefore, interesting to read. The words you choose, style of writing, and facts you provide will make your paper interesting. An interesting topic arouses curiosity in the minds of readers. It is this curiosity that compels readers to read beyond the introduction and even engage with you beyond the written paper.

Strong- some topics are researchable, while others are a waste of time. Identify a topic with adequate information, facts, and examples. If materials are missing from a paper, it will not be interesting to read. It feels like a waste of time to read through such a paper.

The best topics in psychology come out of passion. Choose a topic in an area that you are passionate about. The resulting paper will be insightful and interesting to read because you will be writing from your heart. The passion you have about a topic will also keep you working for long hours regardless of fatigue. It is this passion that ensures that you complete the work fast.


Here are interesting topics in psychology to consider for your paper.

1. Different perspectives on problem solving, perseverance, and persuasion.
2. Adolescent drug abuse and the contribution of social influence
3. Behavior therapy and its effect on personal image as well as weight loss
4. Relationship and family factors in drug abuse cases
5. How sexual abuse survivors respond to stressful situations
6. Is there a relationship between performance and job satisfaction?
7. Domestic violence, control, and economic power- the experience of women in relationships
8. Why do some children feel attached to one parent and not the other?
9. Is mood related to creativity, and can the bond be broken?
10. The place of culture in communication between parents and their children
11. Changes in marriage perception after decades of marriage
12. Cultural influence on the perception of education
13. Phobias and childhood experiences- how can victims overcome these phobias?
14. Normalizing antisocial personalities- what if everyone cannot be the same?
15. Parenting in an era of economic challenges and parents who have to work extra time
16. When the elderly parents take care of their grandchildren- the impact on their socialization.

A topic is a collection of words that will have no meaning until it merges perfectly with the content on your paper. While you begin with an idea in mind, you might have to change it midway to accommodate the new information you are encountering in your literature review or data collection and analysis. How do you ensure that your topic adds value to your paper?

• Follow instructions provided- each assignment comes with instructions on the preferred idea, scope of your paper, and type of academic paper to write, among others. These instructions will guide you on the kind of topic to choose from. For instance, an argumentative paper will require you to draft a different topic from ‘compare and contrast’, yet you will be discussing the same issue.

• Make the topic unique- avoid topics that have been discussed exhaustively over the years. Choose a topic that stands-out so that your paper can capture the attention of readers and help you score highly.

• Consistency- the topic must capture what is in your paper. It explains why topics are reviewed in the course of writing to synchronize it with the information in the body of your paper. It is disappointing to have an attractive headline that fails to capture the actual information in the body.

Consult your supervisor and dissertation team when drafting your title. Use samples of other papers on a related topic to strengthen your topic. The best psychology topics are unique and interesting to read.