Being self-employed or having your own company is a way to have full control over your life, work, and free time-wise. Depending on your profession, you can control the amount of work you put in, the number of working hours and choosing the projects you want to do. It can be a scary path at first, as you are responsible for every part of your business. Many people give up when it seems the responsibilities are too much to handle. But if you are not one of those people and you are ready to take control of your life, this list of good-paying jobs is a good place to start. Read on to see jobs for men who like to be their own boss.

Insurance sales agent

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Having insurance is a must in this day and age, which means insurance sales agents are very important and will not go out of commission. To work as an insurance sales manager, you will at least need a high school diploma or a bachelor’s degree. Insurance agents usually have to complete a course that will teach them how to sell insurance and find clients. Depending on your skills and experience, you can earn a standard or higher salary, or you can work for an agency for a salary and commissions. If you are good at negotiations, and you have great communication skills, you have a high potential of succeeding in this profession.

Finance advisor jobs

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Finance advisors usually work on commissions, or for a company. If you want to work independently, it’s best to choose commission work. You will need a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics or accounting, and great knowledge of how the market and finances work. Managing your client’s investments is a serious job that pays well. Depending on commissions and how many clients you are working for, you can earn double the average salary. Knowledge, as well as connections, are important, so you can expand your client base.

Accountant jobs

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Accountants are needed in every field of work all year round. Tax code and regulations are complex, and almost all companies and businesses need a good accountant. Accountants can also work independently for various businesses and personal accounting. Accountants usually need a bachelor’s degree in business or accounting, and additional certification is a bonus. Certification can help your credibility and create an edge over competitors. Accounting has various fields you can get certificates for, which can also help you in getting specific jobs and clients. You may also need to pass a national exam and become certified before starting your business.

Real estate agent

Typical Real Estate Attorney Fees: The Cost of a Real Estate Lawyer

Real estate agents are irreplaceable when you are looking to buy or rent your new home or commercial space. To work as a real estate agent you don’t need a bachelor degree, but you will need a real estate license. With a license, you will be able to work at an agency, or you can work independently. Agents need great communication skills, and the ability to easily sell or rent property to buyers. Agents usually work on commissions and earn a percentage, which means the more you sell the more you will earn. You can even focus on selling only high-end houses and complexes which can earn you higher commissions.

Heavy vehicle driver

Pros and Cons of Truck Driving

Heavy vehicles are essential in many industries and for many businesses. As a heavy vehicle driver, you are in charge of transporting various goods, depending on the vehicle type. You don’t need a degree to be a driver but you will need a heavy vehicle driving training, as some vehicles require special operation. Various heavy vehicles include a tanker hauler – transporting large amounts of liquid; transport driver – transporting cars and vehicles; hazmat driver – transporting hazardous material; etc. Drivers usually spend a very long time on the road, some even working weeks on end before finishing a tour. Ultimately, this job can earn you a large amount of money.

Personal trainer

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If you love exercising and staying fit and healthy, have a diligent workout routine, and love helping people become their best selves, this kind of jobs might just be for you. Working as a personal trainer requires great planning, catering workouts to specific needs of your client, and even helping them with nutrition. You will need a license or certificate to become a fitness instructor. Personal trainers can work in gyms or do in-house visits and workouts. Connecting with clients is easy with social media and through making connections. You can even look into selling your workout plans online for a boost in profits.

If you are done with working for someone else and want to be fully responsible for your earning and type of work you do, becoming self-employed can be a great route for you. Being your own boss comes with obstacles, but is freeing at the same time.