One of the greatest feelings a person can experience in their life is having a crush on somebody. Sometimes, words will not be enough to convey your deep sentiments and emotions. In such a case, you can rely on the right gifts to do the work for you. One of the best non-verbal compliments a man can give to his crush is a beautiful and meaningful flowers arrangement.

With a global flower delivery service, you can choose an adorable design and send it to your loved one on the same day, no matter the destination.

So, if you are mashed on a lovely creature and looking for ways to utter your feelings in style, here is a small list of flowers types that will surely delight your crush and speak your heart.

Pink Roses

Symbolizing sweetness, appreciation, and admiration, pink roses are very sentimental, yet they do not carry such a strong message as red roses do. This way, a bunch of cute pink blooms is an ideal way to show that you are interested in a person and would like to know them better.


Pink peonies and carnations are also excellent picks to show your fascination with someone. Pink flowers are perfect to give to a friend or an acquaintance who may not be 100% interested in you yet, or someone you have just started dating.


Showing what you feel can be hard, and there is always a chance that the recipient will misconstrue your signal. But this is not the case with sunflowers. Bright, cheerful, and sturdy, sunflowers send a message of admiration, happiness, and optimism.

These naturally vivacious blooms can effortlessly put a glad smile on the face of your loved one, yet without revealing your deep feelings. Since sunflowers are not available all year round, you can opt for yellow tulips or chrysanthemums to send a dose of joy without going overly romantic.

Fabulous sunflowers are perfect to be given to a person who knows how to make you laugh and is a good friend. They are also an apt gift when your relationship has just started.

A Flower Miscellany

flowers crush

While single-flower-type bouquets often send a very upfront message, an arrangement of mixed blooms can be a more understated token of affection.

A floral creation made of a variety of vibrant stems will add a welcome splash of color to any interior, as well as give someone a subtle hint of your interest. A mixed bouquet is a gallant gesture to tell that the person always brightens up your day.

A Floral Gift Basket

Adding treats and lovely elements to the main bouquet will enhance its overall aesthetics and make the gift more personalized.

If you know the specific taste or preferences of your crush, you can complement the arrangement with chocolate, fruit, a soft toy, or balloons.

The final flourish should definitely be a hand-written card wherein you express your fascination for the person and ask them out.


The allure of fluffy peonies is hard to resist. These wondrous buds are linked with romance, well-being, and bashfulness. They are also believed to bring luck to whoever receives them as a gift.

If you want to wish a good day to a person you are close to, or ask your crush out on a date, peonies are the choice you cannot go wrong with.


Infinitely delicate and exceedingly adorable, ranunculus flowers are also called “buttercups” for their generously petaled heads. These natural cuties signify charm, attraction, and allure. Give a bouquet of these darlings to let the recipient know that you are dazzled by her charms.

Gerbera Daisies

Also known as Transvaal daisies gerbera daisies are natural stunners with impressive, long-lasting blooms, short stems, and robust foliage. Daisies are known for symbolizing beauty, innocence, and poise.

Running the gamut of vibrant colors, the gerbera variety is always a smart choice, no matter you want to speak your heart or send congratulations on life occurrences.


flowers crush

Rich blue or purple Irises hold a meaning of royalty and prosperity. No matter their coloration(they mostly occur in blue, white, and yellow), Irises signify faith and hope.

Whether a single-stem bouquet or a mixed arrangement, Irises make a dramatic display, yet without explicitly showing that you are strongly attracted towards the person.

So, these were the best floral options you can safely rely on to amaze your crush, yet without unveiling your deep romance.

With a properly chosen bouquet and a good level of personalization, you will send a gift that will convey only the right message and, perhaps, pave the way for a more serious relationship.