In the tumultuous voyage of life, sometimes families face problems that can be difficult to navigate independently. Family counseling can help mend misunderstandings and conflict and promote harmony and growth.

It can also address psychological changes that impact members of the family, like mental illnesses, addictions, or personality disorders. Family therapy can use strategic, psychodynamic, structural, and other approaches to treat each unique situation.


To find the perfect family counselling in Ottawa, it’s important to consider their experience. This includes how long they have been in practice and their success rate at helping dysfunctional families.

It’s also a good idea to ask your family therapist about their therapy philosophy and approaches.

For instance, some therapists will use narrative techniques that help their patients separate themselves from the issues they are facing by teaching them to rewrite their personal stories.

Others may use structural family therapy methods to help clients see how their hierarchies and power structures play out in their relationships.

Other ways to find a qualified family therapist are to ask your family doctor for recommendations or look for online referrals. Many pastors, rabbis and other religious leaders also offer counseling services.


Regardless of the issues you face as a family, finding a comfortable place for everyone is important. Some therapists offer home visits or online counseling, which may be more convenient for some families.

Your family counselor will work with you to understand the dynamic of your family and improve communication. They will also work to identify strengths within your family that can be tapped into to help you overcome challenges.

A skilled family therapist often seeks to creatively “disrupt” the way a family functions. This can be difficult, but it is necessary if there is to be change. The family members are the most valuable resources a family has, and your counselor will work to ensure everyone is heard and understood.

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A family counselor needs to have a variety of qualifications. First, they need a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling or a related field like clinical psychology. They also need to have a license in their state. This requires passing a national counseling exam and meeting state certification and licensing requirements.

In addition, a family counselor must be comfortable dealing with a wide range of issues.

They must be able to understand the different feelings that each member of a family has and help them work out their problems.

Moreover, a family counselor must be able to keep all information they hear confidential. This is particularly important because they may deal with controversial issues such as divorce or domestic abuse. These issues can be very emotional and sensitive for the clients.