Are you worried that your wife is cheating on you? While infidelity can happen to anyone, it’s luckily not a common occurrence.

But there’s always the possibility that you’ve got a cheating wife. You might have suspected her for a while. Maybe she isn’t paying as much attention to you? Maybe her mind seems to be elsewhere at times.

If you do suspect her, you should find out if indeed she is cheating on you.

This guide will show you what to do to catch a cheating wife.

Let’s first have a look at her interests:

Have Her Interests Changed?

Have you noticed that your wife is interested in things that she’s never cared for before? For example, has she developed an interest in a new singer? Is she planning on attending his concert?


Pay attention to see if she is discussing these new interests on a regular basis. You also want to pay attention to see if she wants you involved in these new interests. For example, has she taken an interest in taking classes at the gym? If so, offer to join her for these classes.

If you find that she doesn’t want you to join her, this is a red flag. It’s possible that she meets her lover at these gym classes. If she rejects your offer, don’t push it but keep an eye out on other interests she doesn’t want you involved in.

Look at Her Media and Messages

We all spend so much time creating and sharing media with each other. It’s possible that your wife takes photos with her smartphone and shares it with her lover. When you get a chance, you want to look through her phone to see if this is the case.

If you find she’s taken photos and videos and sent them to an unrecognized number, this is another red flag. If these photos/videos don’t get sent to you, that’s a reasonable reason to be suspicious.

Of course, you can take this opportunity to look through her messages. You might get lucky and see that she’s sending messages to her lover. You can screenshot these messages and send them to your phone. Then, you can confront her later with the evidence.

But most of the time, a cheating wife is a lot more clever when it comes to sending messages. It’s likely that she’ll delete her messages after sending them. Her lover might be saved under a generic name or even a profession. She might use an app such as Signal that deletes text messages after a set duration.

Most likely, she won’t make it easy for others to find her text messages. Nevertheless, you should give this a try if you have access to her smartphone.

Check Her Cloud

It’s possible that she shares content with her lover through a cloud service. For example, they might use Google Docs to write messages to each other.


A clever cheating wife will name a Google Doc something generic and mundane. You might think a Google Doc is an agenda for a work meeting. But if you open it, you’ll see back-and-forth messages with her lover.

She might also use a cloud storage service to hide photos and videos of her with her lover. You can also find receipts stored on a cloud storage drive. These receipts might be for restaurants, excursions, etc. that she is visiting with her lover.

Internet Accounts

If you know your wife’s passwords, you can log in to her various internet accounts to see if there’s any evidence. However, if you notice that her passwords have changed, this is another red flag.

It’s also possible, however, that she is using different internet accounts to interact with her lover. She might have made new email accounts, social media profiles, etc. just for her lover.

While it’s tough to find out if this is the case, you can try to search if she’s made new social media profiles. If you notice that these accounts are private then there’s reason to believe she’s being unfaithful.

She Has a Second Phone

If your wife has a second phone, she might try to hide this from you. At times, this will not always be possible. In such scenarios, she might state that this second phone is specifically for her work. If you give the impression that you believe her, she’ll be less on her guard.

This second phone might be the phone to communicate only with her lover. She might also use this phone to communicate with a few trusted friends of hers. These are the friends who know about the infidelity and are keeping it a secret from you.


Try to access this second phone when you can. One thing you can do is to use a phone tracking service. This is a service that you sign up for online and you connect with your devices.

Without her knowing, you can connect her second phone to this account. The tracking service will alert you at all times where the phone is located. You can use this to follow her to catch her with her lover.

Following Her

If you are suspicious but can’t confront her based on your suspicions you should follow her at any time. You might not get her to confess if you ask her why she has a second phone or a private social media account. But if you manage to find her with her lover, you can confront her there.

A cheating wife, however, will be careful to avoid getting followed. The best solution is to find a private investigator such as Flatirons Private Investigations. Private investigators have expertise in following others while remaining conspicuous.

That’s How to Catch a Cheating Wife

So now that you know what to do to catch a cheating wife, you can start investigating if this is the case. While we hope it isn’t, you should confront her if it’s the case.


Be upfront with your suspicions and let her know how you found out. Then, you can work together to find out what’s the best way forward.

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