One place that every guy can go to and be alone with his thoughts is none other than his man cave. This is also a place where he can shut down the world outside him, even just for a while to appreciate the small things that can make him happy, such as movies, table or video games, indoor sports, and food. Read on as we give you inspiration on ten must-haves for your man cave.

What makes a Mancave perfect

When we say man cave, it’s not just another ordinary room or an extra space in your home. It’s every man’s personal shell away from the real world, and nothing can be more genuine than that. The interiors, the equipment, and everything inside a man cave is what’s more important.

Man Cave

If you’re thinking of renovating or just starting to build your man cave, we have here the ten most recommended items for your man cave that you should have:

1. LED TV or Projectors

It could be a movie marathon or NBA, and even a God of War game, but the bigger the screen, the better. You don’t want to stress your eyes with small and mediocre TV or projector, and what you need is something large and colorful.

This viewing experience will make any man cave a go-to spot whenever you need some chillin’, either alone or with your gang. When it comes to LED TV, go for something that’s more than 60”, and set up a LED projector when you want a close to a cinematic experience.

2. Comfy Seats

​Make your viewing and gaming experience even better by arranging comfortable and
cushy seats in your man cave. If space is limited, you can go with individual lounge
seats, but if room size is not an issue, then, by all means, go for theatre-grade recliner

Man Cave

Large couches could work too, just make sure that you have extra stools or chairs for
your man cave buddies.

3. Minibar

Relax, unwind, and enjoy some drinks, and to achieve that, you can install a minibar or a portable bar in your man cave. Stack the minibar with your favorite drinks and other drinking session essentials. Create a bar-like atmosphere without the high cost, and it’s always better with friends. Lastly, add a stack of customized coasters to your minibar – they look really cool, are quite affordable and protect your furniture from drink stains.

4. Mini fridge

Regardless if you have or don’t have a minibar, keeping your drinks cold is essential to
your man cave. You can even store cold snacks and fruits to your fridge making your
man cave a complete place where you can actually live.

5. Board and table games

Playing video games all-day can sometimes be monotonous, that’s why it’s also recommended that you have some side activities while you’re on your own man cave. If space is not a problem, a full-sized pool table is a great addition to your man cave.

You can master your cueing techniques while you’re on your man cave too and watch your friends get amazed by your new-found billiard break cue skills the next time you went out playing billiards. Or in case if you’re looking on buying a new pool table in town, you’d be in for a treat.

Practice your targeting skills by adding a dartboard to the corner of your man cave. Dartboards are easy to set up and you don’t have to worry about space.

6. Proper sound system

Depending on the size of your man cave, a proper sound set up can complete your entertainment system. You can always opt for a multi-channel surround system that complements your video gaming and watching experience, or if you want a focused but still loud enough audio level, go for a cheaper alternative such as soundbar.

7. Video Game Console

Regardless of the platform of your choice, Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro is a must for your dream man cave. Both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages but in all just really boils down to which console you prefer more. Both have amazing titles and immersive gaming experience, so whatever you choose will be perfect.

Both consoles can also serve as an overall multimedia player since each has its own exclusive content for all your video in-demand titles. Either you go Halo or God of War, it’s entirely up to you.

8. Wall Decors

Decorate the walls of your man cave in accordance to your taste. Band and artist posters if you’re a music fan, movie-themed decors if you’re a movie aficionado or your favorite NBA team’s banners as wall decors. Let your decors represent your personality, just don’t overdo it. Simply pick the ones you think are best posters or theme colors to design your man cave.

9. Display Shelves and Cabinets

Sprucing up your man cave will not be complete without glass cabinets and shelves for sports memorabilia for all your decoration pieces. Decors add more personality to your man can and the best way to arrange them is thought display cabinets and shelves.

You can combine different elements as decors; art collections, entertainment memorabilia, action figures, NBA unique bobblehead, jerseys, autographed sports pieces, and the list could go on.

10. Bobblehead of NBA Superstar

Adds more color and life to your man cave by brightening it with an NBA unique bobblehead. These bobbleheads are adorable and guaranteed eye candy to all your visitors at your man cave. They blend perfectly well on any backdrop and you can either set them on the center table or one of your display shelves.

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