A pet is no less than a family member. No one wants to bid farewell to their pets, but it is a natural cycle none can help. The goal of a pet parent always remains to provide the best. Aquacremations happen to be of the most peaceful solutions to bidding pet farewells. The Animal cremation cost Brisbane through Alkaline Hydrolysis can take anything from $250 to $400. It is an environmentally-friendly approach compared to traditional crematorial services. The process causes minimal pollution and contributes to environmental preservation. The water cremation services in Brisbane, Australia, have some of the best offerings for dogs and cats.

What is Meant by Alkaline Hydrolysis?

Alkaline Hydrolysis is a scientific term used for the water cremation process. Gentle water flow, alkalinity, and adequate temperature are used to accelerate the breakdown of the body. The body is placed in a clean container before tissue hydrolysis starts. The organic materials are reduced to basic building blocks without DNA or RNA.

The remaining inorganic bone minerals are mainly processed into power and returned to the family. Alkali, made of sodium and potassium salts, works as a catalyst. The process involves using a solution composed of 95% alkali and 5% water. The same alkali is used for various cosmetic products, shaving creams, and food preparation.

After the completion of the process, the chemicals no longer remain in the water. When using wastewater treatment, the water is naturally returned to the ecosystem. The leftover ashes are mainly bone minerals. The family can bury or scatter the ashes in a place of their choice. The process does not rely on fossil fuels and saves about 1/10th of the energy used for flame crematories.

Why Is Aquacremation Better?

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More Natural

It is a natural process of animal breakdown and does not cause environmental pollution. The pet’s or human body can be cremated using the Alkaline hydrolysis method. Aquacremation for humans can cost around $ 5000 compared to the animal cremation cost in Brisbane. The use of alkali accelerates the process of decomposition.


The process of Aquacremation is beneficial in saving 90% less natural gas and 66% electricity compared to the traditional flames. About 90% of carbon emission is reduced and is 100% mercury-free. The release of carbon footprint is 1/10th less compared to traditional cremation. It is an energy-efficient solution that caters to the conservation of natural resources.

Leaves More Body Remains

People cannot keep a lot of remains after their cat or dog passes away. However, aqua cremation leaves about 20% of the remains. From there, it is an individual decision to store the ashes or spread them over a place.

Costs Similar

The cost of both processes does not differ significantly. However, the results do vary. So, it is a better idea to spend money for the right cause instead of adversely affecting the environment.

Final Thoughts

Brisbane happens to be the most populous city in Queensland, Australia. The aqua cremation process has become popular among Australians considering the environmentally-friendly factor. It is a green and ethical alternative to lighting flames. Fire cremation has a considerable role to play in climate change. The process causes severe health problems to people living near the site.

The animal body is returned to nature most gently. There can be no better and more comforting way to bid the last goodbye. So, look for services offering aqua cremation solutions that have good options. Understand their policies and pricing structure to make further decisions. Water-based cremation proves to be the safest method. So, bid adieu to your pets in the most gentle way through this cremation technique.