Pet grooming in the United States is a 10 billion dollar business. For most of us, that comes as no surprise seeing as how there’s a high chance you’re a pet owner and know the value grooming can bring to your animal’s life.

When people set out to groom their pet, they’re faced with two options. They can either DIY groom or see a professional. Our team is strong advocates for the latter of those two options

Sure, being a DIY pet groomer will save you money in the short-term. Working with pros, however, brings a whole host of advantages that are worth cashing in on.

Not sure what those advantages are? Want to learn more?

Keep reading to discover the value groomers bring to animals!

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1. You’ll Save Time

If your time doesn’t matter to you then you need to start living life a little more fully. At the end of the day, time is the only thing you won’t be able to get/buy back in life and because of that, we recommend saving some of it by bringing on a pro to groom your pet.

Grooming thoroughly can take hours, particularly with animals that have specialized coats. Being able to drop your pet off at the groomer and then moving onto manage other things allows you to take better advantage of your day.

2. Better Products

Do you know what the right kind of shampoo is for your wire-coated dog? Are you aware of which ingredients in conditioners are most likely to exacerbate skin allergies?

If you can’t answer those questions, know that a pet grooming professional almost certainly can. Pet groomers are licensed and trained to make sure that what goes onto your animal’s body will support their health rather than detract from it.

3. Identification of Various Conditions

Pet grooming professionals look at animals all day. That level of exposure allows them to quickly identify when things don’t seem right.

For example, we’ve heard stories of pet groomers discovering malignant cysts on dogs, identifying exposure to harmful bacteria that needed medical treatment, and more. All of that to say that a trip to a groomer almost doubles as a check-up with a vet technician.

4. A Job Done Right

There’s an old saying that a cheap job done wrong is the most expensive job there is. Why? Because at the end of the day, you paid money and didn’t get the result you were looking for.

Therein lies yet another advantage of working with a pet grooming service.

As this resource showcases, a well-reviewed pet grooming service will be thorough in its approach to caring for your animal. That means that when your furry friend is done, you can be assured that you’ll be elated with the results.

5. Nail Clipping

Clipping an animal’s nails is a nightmare. That’s because they have a vein that runs close to the tip of their nail that if cut, can cause substantial bleeding and may require medical attention thereafter.

If that prospect of bleeding keeps you from cutting your animal’s nails, we recommend seeking the help of a pet groomer.

Pet groomers are experienced when it comes to nail trimming. They also leverage the most specialized equipment to lessen the odds of nicking a rambunctious pet.

6. Managing Specialty Coats

You’re lucky if, say, your dog has a coat that requires a wash and a brush out to look fabulous. There are many breeds of dogs that are not so easy to deal with.

For example, the wire-haired fox terrier has a coat that doesn’t shed naturally. That creates conditions where it’s necessary to “hand strip” their coats with a special tool in order for them to maintain their color and healthy skin.

Are you prepared to deal with that kind of grooming regimen? If you’re not, you must partner with a quality groomer that is experienced in managing the specialty conditions your animal needs to be cared for.

7. Stimulating the Economy

While certainly not at the top of most people’s minds when deciding on grooming, there is something to be said about supporting grooming operations.

2020 was an extraordinarily hard year economically due to government-imposed lockdowns. Your willingness to work with professionals in your marketplace to help make your life easier helps those professionals stay afloat which in turn, will help the nation move closer to economic and social normalcy in the year 2021.

8. Pet Socialization

The more people your pet comes into contact with, the more you can trust them around visitors. The same is true for your pet being around other pets.

Trips to groomers afford your animal that human/animal exposure. So, you can feel good about the fact that your pet will not only go to the groomer to look better but will also be there to better its temperament and ability to enjoy life fully.

Professional Pet Grooming Is Just a Phone Call Away

No matter where you live, there’s a professional pet grooming company that’s ready to be your partner in improving your animal’s life. We hope that after reading this post, you appreciate the value that exists in giving them a call

Many groomers offer first-time customer discounts and seasonal rates. All of those deals work to lower the financial risk involved in trying their services. Ask your local groomer about specials and expertise to discover more about the value they’re ready to bring!

For more information on all things pets, we welcome you to explore additional content on our blog.