Everyone loves pets. Dogs and cats are the most common pets you can find in most homes. And dogs, to be specific, are the most adored and need special training. More than just being a pet, they are said to be ‘man’s best friend’. They are also usually trained for the protection of the home.

Training your dog is vital. More than just being a pet and keeping you company, you can also be sure that your home is safe all day and night every day. It doesn’t matter which breed is your favorite. Most dogs can be trained as long as they start getting trained while still young.

Some people train their dogs themselves but it is recommended you get a dog trainer, especially if you know nothing about the pets other than to feed and clean them.

If you train your dog yourself and find that you are especially good at it, that may be a viable career option. Dog training happens to be one of the best work-from-home franchise opportunities available.

5 Best Reasons To Train Your Dog

Dogs are clever animals. When trained, they can take commands, follow orders, and can even sense when something is not right.

Police dogs are trained to detect and hold hostage dangerous suspects. They also don’t mind putting their lives in the line, just to protect their human owner/friend.

Guide to Creating the Best Dog-Walking App

Check out some of the benefits of training our dog below;

For safety

This is the first reason most people want their dogs trained. When you train your dog, you are most assured of the safety not only of your home but also of your dog. You rest easy knowing that they can take care of themselves and your property.

Better Communication and interaction with your dog

When you train your dog, you most definitely can interact and communicate with them better than if they were not trained. This is important as it helps both of you to better understand each other, strengthen the bond between you, and have a better relationship, just like a human to a human.

Makes things better when you go out

Training your dog builds a better relationship between you two and humans in general. And yes, taking your dog out doesn’t just mean for a walk in the park. It also means a great and fun experience hiking in the countryside, or taking part in dog sports.

A better relationship between other pets and human

When training your dog, it understands human behavior just as you get to understand their behavior.

This improves the relationship with not only you but also when they meet other people outside your home. They get to understand how to interact with humans and other animals.

Good health and fitness

Just like you need to exercise and stay fit to improve your health, so does your dog. Training dogs ensures they stay active and fit, and therefore improve their overall health. They are also naturally active and need the training to keep them busy and exercising.

Dog Training Methods And Techniques

There are many different methods of training you can use to train your dog. Some of them are;


Positive Reinforcement

This is one of the most popular dog training methods. It involves awarding a dog following good behavior. Bad behaviors don’t get any acknowledgment.

If corrections are needed, it is done by denying the dog a reward e.g. a treat or toy, no harsh punishments are necessary.

Scientific training

Dogs get science-based training in this method. This is simply based on understanding dogs’ behavior and nature. However, this is super broad and could be hard to define as the experiments keep changing.

Electronic training

As the name suggests, this involves the use of an electronic collar whereby a shock is released when a dog is not doing the desired task.

While this relies mostly on punishing the dog for what it shouldn’t do, it comes with its own challenges and problems as it can cause stress and anxiety for the dog.