Do you feed your cat dry or wet food?

If you’ve got a cat, you’ve probably wondered what the difference is, and whether one is better than the other for your cat. Many pet owners don’t understand the significant role that diet can play in their pet’s health, and they’ll reach for the cheapest option to save some money.

If you’re wondering if wet food or dry food is best for your feline companion, keep reading our article. We’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of each food, and which one is overall best for your cat’s health giving benefits like hypoallergenic cat food. Here are some high quality low magnesium cat food options.

Dry Food

Dry cat food, or kibble, is a popular choice among cat owners because of its cost and long shelf life. Even though dry food can be cheaper, that doesn’t mean that it’s bad quality. You can feel confident in your cat’s cat food as long as it’s got an AAFCO approval.


One of the main benefits of kibble is that it’s much cheaper than wet food. Since dry food comes in a large bag and doesn’t perish as quickly, it can save owners a good amount of money.

Better for Teeth?

Contrary to popular belief, dry cat food isn’t much better for your cat’s teeth than wet cat food. Some prescription diets or dental treats may offer the benefit of removing tartar and helping bad breath, but in general, this isn’t the case.

Less Protein, More Carbohydrates

Dry cat food is okay for your cat’s nutritional needs, but it isn’t the best. Cat’s naturally are meant to consume more protein from their prey, but dry food doesn’t provide the same amount. Dry food uses fillers like carbohydrates that don’t offer any benefits to your cat’s health.

Yellow and White Cat

Wet Food

Wet cat food often comes in cans or pouches and can be a little pricey. However, many cats prefer wet food because it’s easier to eat and probably tastes fresher. Similar to dry food, the quality of wet food is also rated by the AAFCO.

Higher Water Content

Wet cat food has a high water content, which is very beneficial for cats. While your cat probably drinks from the water bowl or even the faucet, many cats get the majority of their hydration from their diet.

Cats who have health conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, or urinary tract disease can greatly benefit from eating wet cat food since it keeps them hydrated.

More Balanced Nutrition

The ingredients in wet cat food offer more protein and fewer carbs for your feline friend. The increased protein and high water content are also beneficial for obese cats that need to go on a diet.


One of the downsides of serving wet cat food is that once it’s opened, it perishes quickly. This can also pose a problem for owners who use automatic cat feeders. However, there’s now an automatic cat feeder on the market that will keep wet cat food cold and fresh for 48 hours!

What Should You Feed Your Cat?

While both types of cat food are good, your cat may benefit more from having one over the other. Some cats are picky and will only eat one type of food, so if that’s the case, then the decision has already been made.

If you’re struggling to decide what type of food you should be feeding your cat, ask your veterinarian what they think is the best option for your cat’s health.

Your Pet’s Health

Pets are beloved family members, so it’s important to prioritize their health. Hopefully, our page helped you understand the differences between wet food and dry food for your cat.

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