Taking your good friend out for a walk? Don’t forget that hot pavement can burn its paws. When you love your cute little pet, you want to take it everywhere you go. Exposing soft pads of your dog’s paws to heat can cause some serious harm, especially if yours is a tender young puppy. So, what can you do to keep your dog’s paws safe? Here are some tips for you.

Let the sun fade out

Not all seasons are great for a long sunny walk. Spring and fall are great for strolling with your dog in a park or along a road. Be mindful of the temperature when it is summer. Morning or late evening is the best time for a walk. It is hot outside in the afternoon or early evening.

Toughen the paws

Walk your dog on a hard and tough surface in the morning or late evening. This can toughen the pads on its paws. This will also provide natural resistance to damages due to hot surfaces.

Stay on Grass

Sometimes, you have to take your little friend out when the temperature is pretty high. When it is hot out there, walk your pet in a shady area. Stay away from paved areas such as sidewalks. Make sure that you are staying on the grass. Once you are back, apply the best dog paw balm to eliminate any risk of infections.

Keep the Paws Moisturized

It is good to have tough paws but make sure that they are not too dry. Dry paws are more susceptible to cuts, cracking and peeling. Dry paws are also more susceptible to burns. So, keep its paws moisturized, especially in hot weather. You can use the best dog paw balm to keep pads moisturized and prevent burns and injuries. This balm can also treat dry, cracked paws.

dog paw balm

Try Dog Shoes

This provides a great way to protect paws from potential injuries due to harmful surfaces. Make sure that the pair fits properly. It should be comfortable. Sweating due to shoes can increase the risk of infections. So, always apply the best dog paw balm after removing shoes. Don’t be surprised if your dog shows some reluctance to wearing shoes. Not all dogs love wearing them. Give your dog some time to get used to shoes.

Choose All-terrain Boots

All-terrain boots are more rugged and therefore more expensive. However, if yours is an active, athletic dog that loves the sand, water, snow and even hard surfaces like pavements, ordinary dog shoes can’t help.

Try Some Socks

Though dog socks are for indoors, they can help when you are taking your pet onto the hot pavement. Use dog socks with neoprene or rubber soles. Keep in mind that socks are safe for short walks only as their soles are thinner than shoe soles. Avoid using disposable shoes made from silicone or rubber. These shoes leave no room for your pet’s paws to breathe.

Check and Clean Paws

Look for signs of damage or infection. Make sure that there are no stones or other debris between its paw pads. You can use a damp cloth to wipe them off gently.