Interesting facts about the Doberdane

Dog’s Ears

A Doberdane is a hybrid of the Great Dane and Doberman. It has the muscular body of one and the fearlessness of the other. What an incredible experience it is to see a Doberdane for the first time. They can be gentle and yet highly aggressive, depending on the circumstance. Not surprisingly, they are used both as guard dogs and family companions.

If you wish to know about this incredible Great Dane Doberman mix, what it looks like, its food choices and temperament, then scroll below:

Physical appearance

Doberdanes are such a magnificent dog breed. They combine the appearances of a Great Dane and a Doberman. Their significant characteristics are:

● They are found in brown, red, brindle, and black colors.
● They measure between 71 to 76 centimeters on average and weigh between 45 to 65 kilograms.
● Doberdanes have the ears of a Doberman which hang beside their face.
● The torso, which is long and muscular, is quite similar to the Great Dane. It is narrow at the romp and widens at the chest.
● The neck also has a unique appearance.
● The tail of Doberdane is thick at the base and slender at the hocks.
● You can recognize them from far away because of their shiny coats. They are light to average shedders.
● Their beautiful, brown circle-shaped eyes are captivating.
● Compared to their body, they have relatively small heads.

Personality traits

As previously mentioned, Doberdanes can be both gentle and fierce at the same time. They are highly protective of their masters and exhibit unwavering devotion towards them. With family members, they are exceptionally amicable. However, they show their aggressive side when it comes to outsiders. It is a good idea to socialize them from the very start to prevent hostility or anger towards guests. You might also not want to leave them alone with young children simply because of their enormous size and weight.


Can they be trained?

Yes. But it is advisable to train Doberdanes from a young age, as they can be stubborn, just like the Doberman. But they are also intelligent and obedient. Their attention span is high, with a low propensity towards distractions.

How long do they live?

The life expectancy of a Doberdane is between eight to ten years. Their size and physical characteristics also make them prone to cervical spondylomyelopathy, bloating, and hip dysplasia. Surgical treatments for these are available.

Do they need a lot of physical activity?

The Doberdane needs at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. That includes running and jogging. Failing to get enough exercise will usually result in continuous barking, furniture chewing, clawing, and digging. They might also exhibit behavioral issues.

What are their food requirements?

Adult Doberdanes need two to three cups of dry dog food per day. On the other hand, puppies will require half to one cup of puppy food till they are two months old.

Do they need a lot of grooming?

The grooming needs of a Doberdane fall in the category of moderate to high. Their grooming requirements are once or twice a week, including coat brushing and teeth cleaning. You should wash their eyes and ears and brush their coat every week. It would be best if you bathed them once every month.

Aren’t these some interesting facts about the Doberdane? So, try to get this Great Dane Doberman mix for yourself. They will be one of the best companions you can ever have.

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