Cat owners around the world have heard everything from non-cat owners. From blatant anti-cat statements to just joking comments about their furry feline friends and fancy automatic litter boxes, they have gone through everything People that think being a cat owner, you will withstand shots directed towards your furry little friends. However, that is not the case at all. If you are a non-cat person, it is better that you do not pass comments about their cats. The criticism is most likely not going to go down well! In fact, every pet owner loves their pets as if they are their children, let alone a cat owner.

If you have friends or family members that own a cat or multiple cats as pets, then you should refrain from saying certain things to them – if you want to remain friends with them! Listed below are some commonly-used statements that you should never say in front of cat owners.


Dogs Are More  Loyal Than Cats

Giving preference to one animal over another is like saying you like coffee better than tea, or you prefer apples over bananas. Talking about dogs in front of a cat owner and telling them how loyal they are is inviting unwanted trouble on yourself. Never say to a cat owner that you love other animals more than cats. They will take it personally and unfriend you immediately.

Your House Smells Like Cat Poop


Cat owners are aware that owning multiple cats means they will eventually have to deal with bad smells. As if this isn’t the case with other pets! There are various products in the market that allow pet owners to deal with peculiar odors instantly. And trust us, cat owners know that their house will eventually start to smell of cat shit if they don’t deal with it. However, they don’t like it when someone reminds them that their house reeks. It isn’t polite, to be honest.

If you are a cat owner and are getting tired of hearing your friends and family say that your house stinks of cat litter, you can go online and search for cat litter natural. You will find an assortment of products from litter boxes to air fresheners to help you get rid of the smell.

Your Clothes Are Full Of Cat Hair

If you think that is breaking news to a cat owner, then you are wrong. Cat owners know that their furry little friends shed a lot of hair. And they will remove it whenever they can. Cat owners know that whatever amount of effort they put in to stay hair-free, they will succumb to the fact that they will not be able to get rid of every single strand of it. So, refrain from saying such a statement in front of a cat owner as you will only compound on their cat-related problems.

Why Don’t You Let Your Cat Have Kittens

Yellow and White Cat

Being a parent is not for everybody, and the same is the case for cats. Cats can give birth up to two or three times a year. Anyone who says that a cat owner is wrong in not allowing their cats to get pregnant has never been inside an animal shelter in their life.

During cat mating season, hundreds, if not thousands, of cats come in due to owner neglect, while many end up dying because their mothers could not give attention to them. According to a study by the Humane Society, uncontrolled cat pregnancies are responsible for the deaths of neglected kittens and female cats. Besides, not every cat owner considers their pet a baby-making machine. So, think before you pass such a comment in front of a cat owner.

Cats Are Sneaky And Evil Animals

Thousands of cat videos show that cats are evil and are always annoying their owners all the time. But that is wrong. Cats are not here to conquer the world, whatever superstition or myths might suggest. Like all other felines, domestic or wild, cats have no agenda against humankind. All they want to do is survive.

As cats might sense human emotions, it does not mean that they are out to steal our souls. Their curiosity gives them such a bad image. In reality, all they want is some attention. And honestly, who doesn’t?

Please Declaw Your Cat

Not everyone can declaw their cats at home. Also, in some parts of the world, declawing your cat is illegal. According to many veterinarians, cats have claws for many reasons. One reason is to express themselves. Sure, they might destroy new furniture or scratch their owner or someone they don’t like. Taking away that freedom to express themselves is against catkind.

So, don’t even bother asking a cat owner to declaw their felines only for the sake of protecting their sofas and chairs. They would prefer buying new furniture than declaw their cats!


It is a wise decision to think before passing comments on a cat owner and their feline friends. For individuals who have never owned cats before, don’t conclude how life is with cats. They are only playful creatures. One look from a wide-eyed cute kitten can melt the heart of any human being. You have no clue what you are missing here!