What Makes Coturnix Quail for Sale a Popular Choice for Farmers and Hobbyists?

If you’re a farmer or hobbyist looking for a low-maintenance yet productive bird, consider raising a Japanese quail, also known as Jumbo Coturnix Quail. These small birds are rapidly gaining popularity among those who want to raise their food or add some diversity to their flocks. This article will explore why Jumbo Coturnix Quail for sale is becoming a popular choice for farmers and hobbyists alike.

Coturnix Quail

Small but mighty

Don’t be fooled by their small size. Jumbo Coturnix Quail are an excellent source of protein, and their meat is considered a delicacy in many countries. They mature quickly, reaching their full size in just six weeks, and they can start laying eggs as early as six weeks old.

This means you can start seeing a return on your investment much sooner than with other types of poultry.

Low maintenance

Jumbo Coturnix Quail are known for being relatively low maintenance compared to other birds. They don’t require a lot of space, and they’re not picky about their food. They can thrive on a commercial game bird feed diet and clean water.

They also produce less waste than other birds, meaning less cleaning. And because they’re small, they don’t require as much feed as larger birds, saving you money in the long run.


One of the great things about Jumbo Coturnix Quail is how versatile they are. They can be raised for meat, eggs, or both. Their meat is lean and flavorful, and their eggs are small but pack a punch in terms of nutrition.

Quail eggs are higher in protein and lower in cholesterol than chicken eggs, making them a great choice for health-conscious consumers. They can also be used in various recipes, from deviled eggs to quiches to pickled eggs.

Easy to incubate

If you’re interested in hatching your quail chicks, Jumbo Coturnix Quail are a great choice. They’re relatively easy to incubate, and their eggs have a high hatch rate.

You can incubate them in a small incubator, and because they’re so small, you can fit a lot of eggs in a small space. This means you can hatch a large number of chicks in a short amount of time.

Coturnix Quail


If you live in an urban or suburban area, you might be concerned about the noise level of your birds. Jumbo Coturnix Quail are known for being relatively quiet compared to other types of poultry. They don’t crow or cluck like roosters and hens and make little noise when laying eggs.

This makes them a great choice for those who want to raise birds but don’t want to disturb their neighbors.

Unique pet

If you’re not interested in raising quail for food, consider them as pets. Jumbo Coturnix Quail are known for their friendly and curious personality. They’re easy to handle and can even be trained to eat out of your hand.

Because they’re so small, they don’t require a lot of space, and they can be housed indoors or outdoors, depending on your preference.


Jumbo Coturnix Quail for sale is a popular choice for farmers and hobbyists for many reasons.

These small yet mighty birds are low-maintenance, versatile, easy to incubate, quiet, and can be kept as unique pets.

They offer a great source of protein and nutrition, whether you raise them for their meat, eggs, or both. Raising Jumbo Coturnix Quail can also be an educational experience for people of all ages.

If you’re looking for a new addition to your flock or want to try raising quail, consider Jumbo Coturnix Quail. They’re sure to be a great addition to any farm or backyard with their many benefits.