If you are not able to make up your mind whether you should invest in a leash and collar or a harness for your canine friend, you have reached the right place. A dog harness is fast gaining popularity among pet owners in the US.

If you own a large breed of canine who displays aggressive behavior, choosing a big dog harness can help you exert power and control them outdoors. The benefits of the equipment are not limited to just handling your pet.

Read on to know the excellent benefits of investing in a dog harness.

Give the Owner Dominance Over a Hyperactive Dog

Imagine taking your pet for a walk inside a crowded park or on the road with heavy traffic. Your large furry friend can easily get stimulated by the loud noises of people and vehicles.

You may need to exert pressure to control your pet’s behavior. If you use a collar and leash, you directly apply the pressure on the neck. You may end up injuring your furry friend in the process.

Using a good-quality big dog harness with a dual-clip can help in such cases. It has an adjustable strap with soft padding. Hence, you can easily control the pet’s entire body movements.

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It is a Safer Option

Giant breeds like an American bulldog or a Basset Hound are challenging to handle. They can easily slip off from a collar and try to escape. According to Forbes, harnesses are essential equipment when you take your dog hiking.

A dog harness covers a significant part of the body, including the front limbs and the chest region. Hence, you can securely hold your pet and restrict them from escaping.

You can Avoid Neck Injuries

Some dog breeds are unusually energetic and tend to move too fast. When you try to control them with a leash, you can strain their neck.

The extra pressure can sprain their neck and restrict blood flow towards the brain. It can result in trachea and neck injuries.

Tracheal injuries sometimes go undetected. You can injure your pet’s windpipe, making them difficult to breathe. It may result in chronic health conditions in older breeds.

The pressure created in the neck region can cause a critical health condition called ocular proptosis. It makes your pet’s eyes bulge out of the sockets.

A harness is a fantastic piece of equipment that can help you to avoid these issues. It reduces the risk of causing pain and wound to your canine friends.


Your Pet Can Bite and Get Entangled in the Leash

An excited canine can end up twisting around and get entangled in the leash. If your pet does not find its way out, it may try to bite your legs or wrists and try to escape.

You may not only injure your furry friend but may also get hurt during your regular stroll to the park.

A back-clip big dog harness doesn’t let your pet dig its teeth inside the collar, leash or hurt you in any way.

Final Thoughts

You can find different types of harnesses in the local stores or online sites. It is essential to measure your pet’s height and weight before investing in an expensive dog harness.

A premium quality harness with the right fit is a comfortable and safe choice for both you and your canine friend.