Summer is undeniably the best season to host a kids’ party. Aside from sunny weather and refreshing snack ideas, there’s also an endless list of fun outdoor activities to consider. Warm weather also complements the idea of a pool party perfectly, and the kids will simply love having fun in the sun. Learn to swim with Aquatic Achievers and make the most of the season!

That said, here are a few simple tips for hosting the perfect kids’ pool party.

Send Invitations Soon

While you’ll want to choose party invites that showcase the chosen party theme, it’s just as important to send invitations out as soon as possible. Timing is everything when it comes to party invites, and you must include a reservation time to plan for the day.

Book Party Rentals In Advance

Once you’ve sent out the invitations, book the party rentals as soon as possible. Whether you want to rent a party tent, blow-up slip and slides, or seating, be sure to book well in advance. It’s also wise to book all rentals from the same company; this way, there’s less chance of a rental not being available at the last minute.

Planning The Menu

When it comes to the menu, you’ll need to consider potential allergies, so avoid peanuts, lactose, and other common allergens.

It’s best to prepare finger foods that kids can enjoy while they play and soak up the sun. But you must still prepare a lunchtime meal, as pool parties usually last several hours. Great food ideas include kabobs, mini pizzas, tacos, hotdogs with vegan substitutes, mini burgers, sandwiches, and other light meals.

pool party

The Party Favors

It’s always best to choose party favors that complement the party theme, so when it comes to a pool party, consider small water shooters, bubbles, small pool toys, or inflatable toys. In addition to water toys, include homemade snacks like gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, juice boxes, and other sweet treats.

The Decor

When it comes to decorating the area for a pool party, you won’t need much at all. You can opt for a balloon display, colorful banners, confetti, streamers, a bubble machine, and other generic birthday party decorations. Otherwise, you can also decorate the area to complement a theme such as Frozen, princesses, cars, or anything else.

You’ll also have the option of making your own decor or renting party decor that you can later return.

Important Extras To Provide

Because the guests will be soaking up the sun and playing in the water, it’s important to provide enough sunscreen for everyone attending. In addition, provide a towel for each guest and prepare a few pairs of water wings for children that can’t yet swim independently.

Lastly, remember to have enough adult supervision available; even if all the children can swim, it’s best to have a few adults scouting the pool area to prevent accidents.

It’s easy to plan the perfect kids’ pool party with the tips listed above. This kind of party idea requires less decor and rentals than most other kids’ party ideas, making it ideal for a budget-friendly birthday celebration as well.