Times are changing at a fast peace, and with them, so are homes. During the last decades, technology has improved every aspect of our lives, and now, it is time for luxury homes to make the jump to this new era. From kitchens with artificial intelligent systems to facial recognition locks, luxury homes have become even luxurious.

Getting yourself a futuristic luxury home

They say that home is where the heart is. For most of us, our home is not only the place where we spend more time, but also one of our life’s biggest achievements. Buying a new home is always an exciting experience, especially when it comes to luxury houses. If you are planning to buy a luxury home, you will be excited to learn about the futuristic changes this type of houses have gone through in the last decade.

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For starters, luxury homes main distinctive characteristic has always been how they feature everything you could wish for. Modern bathrooms with unique sinks, a giant garden with a big pool, a luxurious living room with lots of light and space… Anything you could imagine would be featured in luxury homes. But now, thanks to technology, luxury homes have taken commodities one step beyond. Some commodities you can find on today’s futuristic luxury homes include:

Wireless technology

We live surrounded by electronic devices, all with their corresponding cables. But when you have as many electronic devices as one would expect in a luxury home, this can result in a big mess of cables everywhere.  But not only is this uncomfortable, it is also aesthetically unpleasant, and that is something unimaginable in a luxury home. Because of this, luxury homes are featuring now systems that help us charge our devices from a distance without the need of cables.

Smart rooms

Kitchens have gone through one of the biggest improvements regarding luxury homes. Most luxury homes now feature kitchens with artificial intelligent systems. These systems usually respond to voice commands and can respond to all sorts of different tasks, from changing the illumination to updating your grocery shopping list or opening a cupboard you can not reach.

But these artificial intelligent systems do not have why to be limited to the kitchen. Luxury homes are implementing these systems on all the rooms of the house. With some simple commands you will be able to open or close your windows, put the music on, lower the AC temperature, etc.

Important Things to Look for Before You Build Your Custom Dream Home

Safer security systems

Thanks to technology, luxury homes are now safer than ever. The new security systems feature modern devices that recognize the owners’ face, voice or even their handwriting. Forget about carrying a lot of keys and losing them, with these modern devices, you and your loved ones will be able to access your home more comfortably while feeling safer.

But these are only some of the many features luxury homes can have. When you have a luxury home, the possibilities are endless.

Buying luxury homes from trustworthy real estate company

It is no secret that luxury homes are not exactly cheap. Because of this, when we buy a luxury home, we need to make sure we are getting our money’s worth. The first step to ensure this is to make sure we buy our luxury home from a trustworthy real estate company.

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A real estate company that has been making a name for themselves over the last years is Font Real Estate. This company helps customers looking to buy or rent a luxury home in the area of Barcelona and the Costa Brava. Properties listed on their site feature all the commodities you could wish for in a luxury home, including the latest technology developments.

The experts at Font Real Estate will assist you along the process and provide you with all the information you could need to buy your new home and ensure that you make the best possible decision.