If you’re just starting out or have just moved into a new office, of course you want to dress it up as nice as possible. Decorating a new office is one of the more fun things about moving! Besides being fun to dress up in the new office, it is also very important. The look of your office affects several factors. For example, it affects what new people think about your company when they come for a job application.

An applicant will immediately notice the office and will immediately have a certain image of your company.

Not only is the appearance important for the first impression, but also for the working atmosphere. The atmosphere and motivation of employees is partly dependent on how the office looks.

Then the question arises, “What do I dress the office with?” Below are some original tips to give your office a great look.

Cover the walls


Bare walls are one of the biggest turnoffs in an office. Empty walls quickly create a cold and dull atmosphere. There are several ways to prevent or solve this. For example, you can think about beautiful, razor-sharp photos on the wall.

One material that is perfect for this is dibond. Dibond printing (translation: dibond bedrukken) is one of the most suitable ways, because it is a light material and yet very strong. Dibond consists of two aluminum layers and a plastic layer in between.

You can choose to have drill holes placed in it, which ensure that you can hang the plate quickly and easily.

You can also create a floating effect by mounting a blind suspension system on it, this ensures that the suspension is not visible and it looks even tighter.

Soundproof and beautiful


If you are not only looking for a beautiful decoration, but also for products with another use, acoustic panels are ideal.

These are frames filled with acoustic material made from recycled jeans. The panels are very printable and easy to hang on the wall, put down as a partition wall or use as an acoustic desk screen.

Roll up information


A nice system to use is a roll up banner. Roll up banners are suitable for everywhere in the office. You can print all kinds of things on them, such as the name of your company and your logo, and place them in the corridor of the building.

So everyone knows where to go to get to your company!

With these tips you can decorate your office beautifully, to increase the work atmosphere or to make people feel at home when they enter your company!