Tight on budget but big on desires? Buying a used car, in such a scenario, makes complete sense. After all, if the vehicle is well-maintained, slippery, and repaired, then there is no reason why it cannot become your beloved belonging!

So, if you are living in Inland Empire, California, and looking to enjoy long drives around Riverside and to San Bernardino on a busy day but are short on money – get a used car!

You will find many used cars for sale in the Inland Empire on several online and offline platforms. No wonder most car sales are generally recorded in the beautiful state of California!

All you need to do is keep some precautionary tips in mind and make a well-informed decision about buying a second-hand car. Let’s help you with it!

Used cars

Document verification

When getting a car, new or used, it’s of utmost importance to verify the documents and ensure the information provided is accurate. Look out for the following documents:
● Registration certificate to confirm the legality of ownership and vehicle
● Car insurance papers transferred under your name, with a minimum of three weeks post-purchase validity
Road tax certificate to certify no outstanding taxes
● Vehicle service book to confirm previous servicing and maintenance
● Loan NOC if the previous owner purchased the vehicle on loan
● Pollution control certificate to determine the health of the engine

Modifications in vehicle

Vehicle modification is very standard, and most car owners indulge in it to make the vehicle look as they prefer. These modifications are fine as long as they don’t breach any legality.

California has the strictest car modification laws, and it restricts certain things like:
● Using the red color for the car front or under glow lighting or as flashing lights
● No installation of the TV near their eye visibility
● No lifted suspension over and above 23 inches
● Strict checking of aftermarket parts to ensure they are not prone to get damaged by bad air quality or smog
If you see any of these in your potential car, steer clear and find another used car!

Odometer tampering

Whether it’s an analog or digital odometer, you must stay wary of odometer tampering, making the car look like it has traversed fewer kilometers.

If it’s an analog odometer, you can look for scratches or marks on the digit, or the alignment may look off. On the other hand, it’s harder to tamper with a digital odometer, but you can still figure out if there are any smudges or fingerprints on the plastic.

These are not foolproof tricks for determining if odometer tampering has occurred or not, which is why you must take note of the vehicle service book. You can call the service center to ask for the last service detail and the upcoming service dates.

Test drive

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of a test drive, especially if it’s a used car. You should see if the vehicle is starting up without any hitch or untoward noise. Make sure to see the tailpipe to ensure no oil spouts and smoke.

Put special attention on gear shifts and clutch and whether or not you can use them effortlessly, without any extra pressure or sudden jerks.

Take the car for a spin, and look for vibrations, suspensions, or squeaking. If anything feels out of place, call the deal off!

Final words

When scouting for one of the best-used cars for sale in the Inland Empire, make sure to stay on your cautious side.

Check all the documents and determine if the vehicle modifications are legal and likable to you. Give a glance at the odometer, and do not forget to test drive the car.

These precautions can take you a long way!