Camping is a stimulating outdoor activity that allows you to connect with nature. But it is not the safest.

You might prepare for the mosquitos, wild animals, and everything else in the wilderness. But did you think about people?

Sometimes people can be your biggest problem, and you need to keep all of your belongings very safe when you are out camping at any site.


To help you out, here is a list of five tips you can try.

Take Only What You Need

It is very common for a camper to pack up a lot of their belongings, including many valuables, when they are about to go camping. But you need to cut down as much as possible, and only take what you need especially a head flashlight.

You can keep your jewellery and other valuables locked up at home. For the sentimental accessories that you always need to have on you, use the next tips.

Hide Them in Your Vehicle

Consider locking all of your valuables and belongings in your vehicle, but make sure they are not sitting at a visible spot.

Since the tent doesn’t have a solid structure and locks, keeping all of your belongings in your car or RV makes sense while you are on a hike or simply exploring.

You can also look into getting small lockboxes that can easily be hidden under the seats or any compact place. You can also get a cable and lock to make the boxes more secure.

But since people can still break into your vehicle and grab anything they like, check out the next tip to take your safety to the next level.

Get a Metallic Toolbox

If you have items that are too big to store in small lock boxes or your belongings are too valuable for you to take that risk, then you can look into getting a drawbar tool box.

Also, you might need to get a few tools on your camping, especially for setting up a tent.

But other than tools, you can put just about anything in these safe tool boxes. Especially when you are about to sleep at night, go on an adventure during the day, or stay busy with some activity at the site, having a secure box to hold all of your contents can put your mind at ease.

Know Thy Neighbour

If you see any neighbours that look like the trusting kind, then you should try to get friendly with them. Introduce yourself to them and take some snacks along as a conversation starter.

If they seem trustworthy, you can ask them to look out for your belongings while you go away for something.

Choose Your Site Wisely

If you are looking into camping at a remote location, then you need to make sure the areas have an excellent visual. If any people are walking around nearby, you would want to clearly see them.

While camping at a music festival or anywhere crowded, you should set up camp in such a way that all of your belongings are in a drawbar toolbox nearby.