Summer is a great season to ride a motorbike, but it can also be quite challenging. Of course, nothing beats the freedom you feel with a wide stretch of a road in front of you basking in the sunlight, free from the threat of rain and wind. If you live somewhere where summer heat is overbearing, you’ll have to learn a few easy tricks to keep cool when you’re out riding. Summer may be a dangerous time for a bike outing, so we put together this handy list to keep you safe and cool this season.

  1. Hydration is key

The physical toll of being outside in the heat may be your summer motorcycling downfall. Sweating depletes your body of water and salt, both of which are necessary for proper hydration. That implies that if you expect to spend more than an hour on the road, you’ll need to make sure you’re drinking lots of fluids.

When engaging in a physically demanding exercise, it is suggested that you have eight ounces of water per hour. Since riding a motorbike requires a lot of core muscle work and battling against wind resistance, it’s critical that you take frequent breaks to drink water to keep your energy levels up. Consider purchasing a hydration kit with a built-in nozzle so you may drink as you ride if you don’t want to stop as frequently. It’s also a good idea to stay hydrated throughout the day by sipping on a sports drink full of electrolytes. This way even if you sweat a lot, you’ll remain more hydrated.

  1. Gear up

The high summer temperatures make it difficult to dress appropriately for a motorcycling trip. Our winter motorcycling riding gear may not be suitable for the summer weather and we’ll end up sweating like crazy. In addition, excessive sweating can be very annoying while on a bike plus it can contribute to dehydration in certain cases.

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It’s best to wear summer clothing and motorcycle gear that’s ventilated, but also provides maximum safety, so that you may enjoy your journey to the fullest. This vented jacket and some short-shaft, ventilated gloves will help you keep cool while riding the bike in the scorching heat.

  1. Don’t drive in peak sun

Thirdly, try to stay out of the sun as much as possible. So try to take advantage of the cooler temperatures whenever possible. Also, keep in mind that in summer the days are longer. So you’ll have plenty of time to go for a spin on your bike in the early mornings and late nights when it’s a bit chillier.

All in all, if you’re going to arrange a trip: make it as early as possible so as not to have to ride about in the warmest hours.

  1. Planning is everything

In order to be safe when riding a motorbike in the summer, you’ll need to prepare ahead of time. Make careful to prepare for a long ride when the weather is particularly hot since you’ll need to stop often for water and rest. Taking a break at least once every half-hour is something we strongly advise.


You should not hesitate to stop at a rest stop or restaurant whenever you feel your body temperature rising too quickly. However, if the weather prediction indicates temperatures near or beyond triple digits, you may want to consider biking in the morning or in the late afternoon.

  1. Add a dark visor to your helmet

If you don’t have a sun visor on your helmet, invest in a dark one to protect your eyes while driving. You may prevent getting dazzled by the summer sun by using a screen and you may add it to a helmet you already own.

Final words of advice: if you’re going to stop, park your bike in the shade. If you leave it in the sun, your seat may be too hot to sit on, and that’s something no one likes. In addition, the tank heats up, and a bit of gas may even evaporate. Parking in the shade will save you money in the long run, especially now when the gas prices are up!