Desk organization is different depending on the type of work that you do. How it is for a journalist, teacher, designer, or office assistant is different. If you are no stranger to a messy desk, you know that getting to be a pro at desk organization requires you to start practicing how to maintain a clutter-free desk. So, how do you go about organizing your desk? That is arranging your papers, personal items, and the you have to get an efficient method that works for you. Below are desk organization tips that will come in handy.


1. Have your computer in front of you

Some people arrange their Office desks with the computer on their far right or far left. Yet, the best positioning for your computer is when it is in front of you. When a computer is in front of you, it helps you stay focused, sit up straight, and be in a comfortable position. Also, ensure you have enough room between you and your computer. As for the cords, have them behind your desk, and use wire ties to keep them at bay.

2. Let your desk have what you need

If you need one pen, have one on your desk, not a bunch of them. Also, have a few paper clips and not a hundred of them. Choosing what is to be on your desk is best as it will ensure that your desk remains clutter-free. For instance, if you need to use a stapler much, have it on your desk. If you do not need it. Put it and other things you do not need much in a desk drawer. Optionally you can choose to arrange what you need on a desk organizer to find it with much ease.

3. Keep an open desk space

It is vital to have an open desk, depending on what side you prefer to use. For instance, if you want the right side, you can use it to review documents and papers without clearing any space. Plus, avoid keeping things here for so long. Review them, approve and move them aside. In this way, your desk remains well organized as you have created space for everything.

4. Group similar items together

Depending on the items you have in large numbers, you can decide to have all your office supplies fit in one drawer. In this way, you will improve your organization’s state in comparison to those who have multiple organizers and drawers for different office supplies. Unless you are an artist and you have a lot of office supplies. Because of this, you can choose to use more than one drawer.

5. Go slow on personal stuff

Do not fill your desk with photos of your last family Christmas, dog pictures, children’s graduation, and many other pictures that will fill up your desk space. Instead, you can choose one personal photo that you are comfortable showing your boss. Or a few pieces like a beautiful piece of office art. Remember, the office is a place to focus and work. You do not need photos that start conversations that distract you from your work.

6. Keep relevant documents on your desk

To win in organizing your desk, you need to control the paperwork on it all the time. Therefore, consider keeping urgent and relevant documents on your desk. There is no need to have many papers that will distract you from all the important ones. Therefore, every time you find documents on your desk, choose the urgent and necessary ones that need your attention. Plus, once you review it, you can decide if you need to throw it or file it but avoid leaving it on the desk.

7. Clean up at the end of the day

Before you leave the office, ensure that you clean after yourself. No one is perfect, and at the end of the day, things somehow will get all over the place. It may be an extra sticky note, a pen or two, trash paper. No matter what it is, it is vital to clean up to ensure your next day starts in a well-organized desk space.