The vast majority of companies promote their offerings through videos. According to some studies, almost 90% of businesses invest in video ads! This type of marketing can be extremely effective if you follow the rules and keep up with the trends. Discover eight tips that will help your company succeed.

These days, creating a memorable ad is easier than ever. Thanks to smart video ad making software, you can have it generated automatically, without creative costs.  Every company is different, but there are some universal rules. Here is what experts recommend.

1. Personalize Your Ads

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Assuming that a video ad is similar to a TV commercial is a fallacy. The latter is always designed for a broader audience — for example, all women or men over 50. Advertisers usually focus on very basic characteristics like age, gender, and location.

In comparison, video ads on social media target a narrower audience. They allow a granular approach, deeper diving into the passions and interests of the consumer. In this environment, successful companies target their message to individuals, rather than groups.

2. Ensure Relevance

Most people hate TV commercials because they interrupt the shows. Instead of interest, advertising can generate resentment. Companies have started tailoring commercials to the demographics of a particular program, but these strategies may still backfire. Fortunately, video ads allow you to guarantee relevance. Some companies create different versions of ads for specific video content.

3. Capture Attention Immediately

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You need to grab the attention of the audience from the first few seconds. This is not only due to our shrinking attention spans. Users have a multitude of choices. If they are not interested, they will just skip your ads and scroll on. You may achieve the goal with a riveting story or the appearance of celebrities.

4. Collaborate With Creators of Popular Content

Popular content creators have millions of fans. These consumers engage with their channels daily. This creates new opportunities for marketers. By partnering up with influencers, you can easily reach their fans.

5. Keep It Real

Video Ads

Your brand does not have to invest in highly produced videos. These days, authentic content that feels raw can also perform very well. The choice will depend on your vision, but do not assume that the golden standards of TV commercials are obligatory.

The more human and personal your ad feels — the higher the chances of success. Do not limit your choice to stock footage and images. Do not be afraid to show real people that your audience can relate to. This is a proven way to make an ad resonate.

6. Choose the Right Type

Video advertisers have invented a wide array of formats. There are outstream and in-stream ads, and the latter can be skippable or not skippable. You can also create video discovery ads, bumper ads, and more. Choose a format according to your goals. For example, the skippable type is best for lead generation. The others are more appropriate for raising brand awareness and extending reach.

7. Include a Call to Action

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This rule applies to any ads and posts on social media. Tell your audience what you want them to do — call a specific number, visit a website, or sign up for a service. For this purpose, you can use an overlay, or integrate the message into the video.

The idea is not new, but it should not be overlooked. The more specific your call to action — the more effective the ad.

8. Test, Test, Test

Creating and launching the ads is not everything. You have to implement efficient monitoring strategies, too. Evaluate the performance of each ad incessantly. You may discover it is best to switch time slots or channels for more impressive results. Determine the best circumstances for the ads using Google’s machine learning and manual tools.

To Conclude

Choose the right type of ad for your product and create relevant, memorable, and personalized content for the right audience. Remember to include a clear call to action. These tips will help you achieve success whatever the niche.