Few things are more deadly than improperly stored and maintained guns and ammo. This is especially true if you have children to look after. Beyond the safety aspect, improperly stored ammunition may become damaged and therefore useless when you need it!

Keep reading to learn how to safely store your ammo.

How to Properly Store Ammo

Store Ammo Somewhere Cool (and Dry)

While modern ammo is made to withstand extreme heat, it doesn’t hurt to keep it away from extreme heat.

That doesn’t mean you need to store your ammo in a cold room. Anywhere from cool to “normal” temperature range will do. It’s temperatures around 150 degrees Fahrenheit when your ammo starts to break down.

You should also pick somewhere dry, as humidity and moisture can corrode the ammo and moisten the powder. This can effectively break your ammo.

Get an Ammo Box (or Two or Three)

It’s important to keep your ammo locked up and safe, and the best way to do that is with an ammo box.

Ammo boxes are made of high-quality steel, and the best of them have locks. A good ammo box will keep your ammo safe from anyone without the key. They also keep your ammo in pristine condition, and allow you to more easily transport it.

Just don’t go mixing different ammo types in the same box. For every type of ammo you use, you should have a separate ammo box. This keeps it organized and ensures you’re not trying to use the wrong kind of ammo for your gun.

Don’t Store Ammo in the Magazine

Some people like to keep their magazines loaded. This saves on storage space, but it’s not a great choice.

When you keep your magazine loaded it wears down the springs. This means damage to your magazine, which could break it altogether. To avoid this, store your ammo in a proper place when you’re not using it.

You might even consider getting an ammo locker if you’re a serious gun advocate. Ammo lockers often have spots for both your ammo and guns and lock up nice and secure. This is the best option if you’re buying and storing bulk munitions.

Keep Ammo Out of Reach

Perhaps most important of all, keep your ammo out of reach.

This is especially important if you have or regularly care for children. Whether you’re using ammo boxes, an ammo locker, or another ammo storage option, keep your ammo and guns locked up and out of harm’s way. The only one who even needs to know where your ammo and guns are is you, so keep it that way.

Always Practice Ammo Safety

There’s nothing wrong with being a gun advocate and enthusiast as long as you practice gun safety. Just as important though, you also need to practice ammo safety. Familiarize yourself with this helpful ammo security guide to keep yourself and others as safe as possible at all times.

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