When you need to tow a 26′ gooseneck enclosed trailer you need to attach a trailer ball to your towing vehicle first. They mount straight onto the vehicle’s bed a little to the front of the rear axle. When you do not need it the trailer ball is easy to remove so you can put the bed of the vehicle to full use. Before you install any trailer ball though you should always make sure it is to the vehicle’s specifications on towing. You should only ever install a trailer ball on a vehicle that is approved to be used for towing. You will likely need a second pair of hands during the process.

Getting ready

As well as a friend to help you will need a power drill plus bits that can penetrate the vehicle’s bed, 2 jacks, an adjustable wrench and a circle cutter drill bit 3 ¾ inch. The gooseneck hitch comes with everything you need with that.


Step One

Attach the circle cutter to the drill and following the set of instructions that come with it drill a hole in the tow vehicle’s cargo bed. This hole should be between the driver’s seat and passenger seat in terms of where it lines up at the back of the vehicle.

Step Two

Use your two jacks to jack up both the rear sides of the tow vehicle. Do not use the jack on the axle just on the frame of the vehicle. If there is a spare tire move it out of the way so you have more space to work. Check the manual for guidelines but the process is similar with a 26′ gooseneck enclosed trailer or another size. Under the vehicle on the frame rails, the front crossbar can slide in making sure the holes are facing upwards.

Step Three

Insert the right bolts into the holes making sure that the threading on the bolts faces the ground. If you look at the instructions with the parts list you can work out which bolts to use for this part. Keep this close to refer to as you work, so you know which hardware to use and where to use it.

Step Four

With a friend’s help install the gooseneck hitch head below the tow vehicle. Be sure that the bed hole you created aligns with the hole in the hitch head. To enclose it now slide the rear crossbar onto the top of the frame rails. Use the right bolts placed into the crossbar holes to secure. Again make sure the threading of the bolts faces down.

Step Five

The crossbar bolts and the hitch heads holes for mounting should line up. Thread the bolts through the hitch head holes making sure your friend holds the hitch head in place as you mount it. Use the right washers on each bolt and the right nut too and use an adjustable wrench to tighten all the way. You are close to being able to tow gooseneck trailers.

Step Six

Insert the trailer ball bolt into the vehicle bed making sure it lies perfectly in the middle of that hole. Use the instructions to drill holes in the right points on the head of the hitch and through the bottom into the towing vehicle’s bed. Go carefully to make sure they are correct.

Step Seven

Put the right bolts into the holes and slide the springs onto them and tighten with the nuts on each bolt. Make sure all the nuts on the trailer ball are tightened and that all connections are secure. You can now tow your 20′ gooseneck enclosed trailer.