When your house power keeps tripping, it can be a minor annoyance at best, or a massive hassle at worst. Often, it can be hard to work out what is causing the problem. Hopefully, this guide will help. Below we discuss some of the main causes of power surging and tripping in the home.

Power tripping and shutting down is a common problem with many suburban and even high-density apartment-dwelling households. It could be a faulty hairdryer, or even pests such as rats, causing your power to trip. The cause may be something small or a big issue. but to deal with it wisely you need the service of  local electricians in Tweed Heads.

Here are 6 common cause of tripping power switches:

power tripping

Power Surges

Power surges are a major cause of power tripping. If you have a power supply set for a specific voltage, and the grid supply is faulty in some manner and supplies power above this value, the circuit breaker will trip.

Depending on the type of safety switch or breaker, it might switch back automatically once the power stabilizes, but most likely you’ll need to reset it manually. In cases of a power surging like this, only your utility company can fix the problem.

Ask your neighbors to find out if they’re suffering from the same issue, which will help you work out if it is a grid supply problem. Speaking of power supplies, having a 12-volt power supply can be a great addition to your home as long as you maintain it properly.

Faulty Appliances

If you have been experiencing frequent power trips, you need to check your appliances. Sometimes, a faulty air conditioner, hairdryer, clothes dryer or washing machine could be the problem. Another common cause of tripping is refrigerators, especially the type with the built-in ice-makers and fridge water filters like the type sold at discountfridgefilters.com.au.

If the appliance has a short circuit, it will trip the entire house’s power supply. Disconnect all appliances from the power to check each one individually to see whether it is causing the issue. Once you isolate the faulty appliance get it checked out by a repairman/electrician or replace it.

Overload Circuit

Check your main circuit breaker (CB), and you will see its rated current (A). It could be A32, A63, and so forth. This means if the current passing through it exceeds this value, it will break the circuit. If you have a heavy electrical load, the CB is likely to trip. Call your electrician to replace it with a bigger circuit breaker or remove the unnecessary load.

power tripping

Short Circuiting

Short-circuiting is probably the biggest cause of power tripping in most households. When the live and neutral wires come into contact, they create a short circuit, which allows a sudden huge flow of electricity through the circuit.

Your circuit breaker will immediately trip as a result of a short circuit. You need an electrician to fix the problem and replace damaged or faulty parts.

Ground Fault Surges

Ground fault surge occurs when the live wire comes into contact with a ground wire, fuse box, or wet wood framing. It’s a very common problem with old houses, especially during rainy season.

The huge current flow through the circuit breaker is what causes this type of power trip. You can’t fix this on your own because it’s a complex problem. Call an electrician or a get your home rewired to resolve this issue.

Pest Problem

It is common that rats or possums are the reason a house’s power keeps tripping. These common pests chew everything, including electrical wires. If the pests have already removed wire insulation, you are likely to experience short circuits.

If this is the case, you need an electrician or qualified tradesman to rewiring that section of line to fix the problem.