The contemporary interior designs are inspired by the day to day activities of our lives; therefore, we are constantly advised to remodel our space so that we can keep up with the modern interior design trends. Over the years the bathroom interior design has also experienced a lot of changes and has grown from a not so relevant space to one of the most crucial areas that play a significant role in determining the resale price of most houses. It is therefore mandatory to focus to make space’s interior design more comfortable and classier so that you can get the clients to see the value for their money. Below are some well thought through professional tips for designing small bathrooms interiors?

  • Make your bathroom classy by installing glass Shower Doors 

Professional Tips for Designing Small Bathroom Interior

The introduction of glass in interior design has brought about some notable changes in bathroom interior design. Glass has contributed majorly to the transformation and improvement of the functionality of the space. The simple, clean and sophisticated finish of glass gives the small bathroom space a classy finish. Therefore, its use in glass shower doors has something to do with making space look classy and clean.  Glass shower doors are an essential part of the way the interior of the bathroom looks. Small bathrooms have little space, and when it is fitted with opaque material it would need some artificial light to brighten up space. Glass usage is known to allow in more light making the space even livelier. The different types of glass shower doors include frameless shower doors, framed shower doors, sliding shower doors, hinged shower doors and Laminated vs Tempered Glass.

  • Frameless doors for bathroom  

Professional Tips for Designing Small Bathroom InteriorThe frameless shower doors are mostly used in most bathrooms as they are simple and do not consist of much detail. With less clutter, frameless shower doors automatically become one of the best entries for small bathrooms because it makes space fill open enough. Also, glass sliding doors make the right small bathroom doors because they save on the space occupied by opening in a horizontal axis.

You should, however, pay close attention to privacy you need in determining the type of glass to use in your glass doors. For a family bathroom, you may need extremely opaque glass for your bathroom enclosure and the doors. Therefore, you should consider using, frosted, tempered or laminated glass for houses embracing the minimalist design the clear glass is best fitted for such.

Glass is an essential material as it does not create shadows in the small space thus economizing in the use of artificial light.

  • Make your room spacious using full-length mirrors  

Professional Tips for Designing Small Bathroom InteriorMirrors have been embraced in the interior design world mainly because of the space creating an illusion that they facilitate. Their glass-like properties make sure that you have a simple clean and classy touch to your interior as well as natural heating.

Place a full-length mirror in your small bathroom because it makes your space appear more prominent. The illusion works best for small size apartment because it enlarges the room. It should be placed opposite the window to reflect light in the room; this ensures that the room is well lit and therefore reduces the cost of artificial lighting used.

  • Add an ambiance with the LED lit backsplash 

Professional Tips for Designing Small Bathroom InteriorA backsplash is an essential component of the bathroom as it is meant to protect the wall right above the bathroom sink from dirty splashes from the sink water. This ensures that the area in discussion remains clean by the installation of a protective cover over the wall. There are different types of backsplash; they include glass backsplash, mirror backsplash, and tile backsplash. Their choice largely depends on the interior décor and your taste and preference. However, mirror backsplash is used widely across the world because of its easy cleaning and maintenance property. You can make the backsplash to look even much better by adding a LED light under it. This adds to the ambiance by lighting the space with a contrasting color.

  • Replace the old school cabinets with glass shelves  

Professional Tips for Designing Small Bathroom InteriorShelves have been used for the longest time as storage units before the introduction of cabinets in the market. However, with time the cabinets dominated the interior design industry until recent where glass has been incorporated in the design of shelves. Glass shelves are beneficial because they make the small space less clattered because of the transparent property of glass. This ensures that the room is allowed in more light and it makes space a little bit orderly. Also, the ease in accessing the items in the forms it even more useful; this is facilitated by the shelves not being enclosed.

  • Increase the Sink Counter Space 

Professional Tips for Designing Small Bathroom InteriorFor most people, the counter space is more valuable than the sink when they are getting ready. Rather than take up valuable bathroom space with bulky cabinets, you could consider investing in a single freestanding sink to increase countertop space. Mount a vanity that allows for more countertop space on either side of the sink and give you more comfort while getting ready in the morning.

  • Minimize Visual Obstruction 

Professional Tips for Designing Small Bathroom InteriorWhen space is at a minimum, it would make sense to use the glass for homes as a partition while planning the layout of your bathroom. This is a great way to cut off visual obstructions. The best place for this design is in the shower area. If you use a strong partition for the shower area, you will effectively cut off space and give the bathroom the feel of a minimal space.

You may want to try using a sliding glass door to visually increase your bathroom space. A simple shower curtain can also be used for the bathroom layout. If your budget wouldn’t accommodate a glass partition, the shower curtain is an inexpensive way to extend the visual layout of your bathroom space.

  • Carefully Choose Bathroom Elements 

Professional Tips for Designing Small Bathroom InteriorChoosing the essential fixtures for your bathroom is the key to having a little bit more room to plant your feet on. The bathtub, for instance, typically occupies maximum space in the bathroom. Look for the best bathtub which fits into your bathroom space – one that has the kind of depth that fits your need, and a width that is normal when compared to its depth. For instance, you may want to choose a bathtub that is 19” deep but only about 32” wide. This depth allows for a luxurious soak and still blends well with the available space.

Toilet functionality has also come a long way over the years. Aside from color and style, carefully ponder on the height, shape and flushing technology. For overall comfortability, consider the pros and cons of the different types of toilets before buying. The most common type is the two-piece toilet, wherein the bowl and tank are made separately and attached during installation. In addition, learn about and invest in intelligent innovations like the macerating toilet type that has rotating blades for grinding solid waste. This prevents clogging and makes cleaning easy. 

  • Determine Where to Save on Space 

If installing a big bathtub is a dream for you even with the small bathroom layout, then you should ensure you save some space elsewhere. For instance, you can use open shelving for the storage of towels and other pretty essentials. You could also design built-in shelves in the wall behind your bathtub for products like shampoo. By moving these essentials to open shelves, you will effectively free up your cabinet space for other not so pretty stuff.

  • Do not Overcrowd the Bathroom Space 

Your goal is to ensure you can have as many essential items as you need while considering the minimal bathroom space, but you do not want to overcrowd it. Do not introduce too many elements into the bathroom; instead make it as simple as possible. Minimize the use of the materials you introduce into space.

While designing small bathrooms may seem like a tough task to take on, it presents the perfect opportunity to express your creativity. And yes, it is possible to make a design statement with your small bathroom space. Applying the professional tips above can help you design your bathroom to get more out of the small space.