Moving to the Netherlands is a nice choice especially for US citizens because traveling and staying in Europe will be a great experience. The Netherlands is a good place to move in because the country doesn’t oppose any tax on personal blogging. It is difficult to find resistance, living standards are high and therefore the cost of living is also high respectively.

Netherland is a good place to move into due to its great education system and entrepreneurial lifestyle. The work-life and social security of this country also make this country a good place to migrate.

Once you have planned to move to the Netherlands, here are some tips that you must consider while and before moving to the beautiful land.

  • Find a suitable job

Moving to a new place costs a lot and sustaining there without a job could be difficult. Therefore, always find a suitable job that you can join soon after your shift. Engineering, data analytics, medicine, etc. jobs are high-earning jobs however, you can find the one that is according to your skills.

  • BSN number

BSN number is very important and should be arranged as soon as possible. You must have a BSN number so that you can work and open a bank account in the Netherlands. Make sure to have it so that you can easily make purchases and find no difficulty in making transactions.

  • Get a work permit

Usually, people move from one place to another for a better job and if it is your case, a work permit from a Dutch employer will be required. It will only be an issue if you are considered a skilled immigrant worker. It will make it easy for you to migrate as well as VISA processes.


  • Resident permit

A resident permit is required whether you are a student, worker, or moving with a family. A temporary resident permit will be issued for 5 years and can be renewed later. It is necessary to have a resident permit before moving to the Netherlands.

  • Complete documentation

Get a passport with a visa of at least 6 months. Complete all your documents and the person who is moving with you, either spouse or kids. Birth certificate, marriage certificate, work permit, admission letter in case of a student visa, clean criminal record, etc.

  • Weather conditions and health

The weather in the Netherlands is cloudy and gloomy. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for it. Moreover, people in the Netherland are healthy and face little illness.

  • Living standards and cost

Life in the Netherlands is expensive as compared to the US however, you can live a standard and comfortable life with a single job. A part-time or second job is not necessary as in the case of the US.

  • Safety

Everyone finds it difficult and feels threat in a new place. But the Netherlands is a safe place to live in. The crime rate of the country is low and social life is secure. You can move to the place without any threat.

  • Holidays and vacations

When you are new to this place you might want to visit the popular places and explore the country. The good news is that you can get one month of paid vacation or holiday. That is enough as compared to the US.

  • Move pets and household stuff

Moving pets within Europe is easy but when you are moving to the Netherlands from the US then your pets need to be vaccinated. While it is recommended to bring your household stuff and furniture along with you because you will probably get an unfurnished place for residence. However, various shipping options are available.


Moving from the Netherlands to the US is a good choice. However, the expense in the Netherlands is high as compared to the US but the income and living standards are also better. The weather is cool, the crime rate is low, and such things make this a good place to live in. Get your free quote for moving to the Netherland today, prepare all your documents, and move to the wonderful place with your family and achieve all your dreams of life.