You are not alone if you hate writing those personal essays especially when it involves stress of getting to college, scholarship program, etc. More of it, you perfectly realize that you don’t have much to tell, as all the students have very similar experiences when it comes to stating “why I am the best for this slot.” Of course, your experience is unique, but when you start writing about it, it all comes to “I am a good person with a great potential, give me chance to prove myself to you,” etc. We can’t promise that after you read this article, you will be able to write a stellar personal essay in hours, but at least you will definitely be closer to this goal.

Ask the Right Questions

Before you start writing, it is a good idea to make a plan. And to make a plan, you need to ask yourself quality questions about your topic — in this case, yourself.
Sometimes, you already have some questions to answer, for example:

● What was the most defining experience in your life that influenced your future choice of actions?

● If you would have to choose between your mother’s and your father’s careers, which one would you choose and why?

● What are the biggest challenges you experience in communicating with other people and how do you think these challenges can influence your future career and personal life?

You see, those are not boring questions, and they don’t imply boring answers. If you don’t have defined questions from your professor or admission committee, you have to make a list yourself, and, again, make it an engaging one, not a boring one.

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Trick #1. Imagine a really interesting person you would like to meet. It can be anyone, from the past or the present, it can be your imaginary hero, it doesn’t matter. Think about the questions you would ask him or her if you had about an hour to talk only. We bet, you would ask about some exciting aspects, some intriguing insights, not something mediocre.

Trick #2. Find quality interviews online and browse through them for questions which can help you write your essay. Of course, most of the interviews are rather specific, they are related to a person’s life in a particular aspect, like work, or success in arts, etc., but you still can smell that atmosphere of a good interview and use it to your benefit.

Trick #3. If you feel that you’ve hit the wall and the writer’s block is on its way, find someone to write a personal essay for you. There are personal statement writing services happy to deal with your assignment on time, at the highest level of quality. Just buy a personal statement online, and save time for something more important for you right now.

Cut On Emotional Manipulations and Add Substance

Often students think that they know what professors should feel to give them a top grade, support them, assess their essay positively, and they try to manipulate their feelings. There are even cases when students write about imaginary diseases or some katastrophies they’ve lived through, and when the truth gets to scene it becomes ugly. Never do such things, never try to make your reader over emotional, you are not a seller of a “sold in subway only” love books.

Trick #1. Make a list of things you DID and the list of things you regret you DIDN’T. When you look through those lists, you will probably have the best idea of what to write about.
Trick #2. Ask three friends to tell their favorite story about you. Often we can’t see ourselves clear enough, and such stories truly help with it.

The same as any other essay, don’t forget to proofread your work and check its originality before you submit it. And to make it even more unique and original, you use some unique words with the help of a word unscrambler or a random letter generator. Of course, it is hardly possible to plagiarise someone’s essay about himself, but technical plagiarism is a tricky thing, and you don’t want to get into trouble.