Collision with a truck, trailer, or semi-trailer can have terrible consequences for the people inside the car, so the very first step would be to call 911 if anyone in the car is conscious and able to do so.

However, that’s emergency protocol, and post making that call, there’s very little the victim/victims of the accident can do. So, the real question is, what can you do and what are your options?

You Should Make an Estimate of the Injuries First

Health precedes everything else, so after you have recovered from the initial shock and your health has somewhat stabilized, you should ask the doctors in attendance for an estimation of the injuries caused to you as a result of the accident.

The estimation will not only help you determine a course of treatment under the guidance of the doctors, but it will also come in handy for the next step.


Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

Some would say that this should be the first step that a truck accident victim is supposed to take, and it really is important. Call up a reputable Truck accident attorney and have a chat over the phone if you are in the hospital and can’t make it to their office.

They may also be able to come and visit you at the hospital to get an estimate of the injuries you received, which is crucial to filing a claim that would be appropriate for the injuries caused to you by the accident.

Why Do You Need a Truck Accident Attorney Specifically?

Keep in mind that even if you already have a lawyer, it’s best to consult a specialized truck accident attorney, because just like different doctors specialize in different areas of the body, attorneys and lawyers specialize in different sections of the law.

The more experience the legal professional has in a specific section of the law, the more likely your chances of winning are. If your truck accident attorney is good enough and there’s sufficient fault to be placed on the driver, company, manufacturer or even the government, the case may not even have to go to court, and the sued party may settle outside.

Check for Evidence

In most cases, the advice would be to collect as much evidence with photos and videos as possible after the accident. But, since we are talking about severe injuries, that will likely not be an option for the victim. However, they can still make sure that all medical records are in perfect order and that the car which was hit during the accident isn’t repaired in any way.

Tell someone close to you to take it to an auto shop and get the damages estimated, which will also be particularly useful for the legal steps you will take.

Being in a car accident is a tragedy, especially if it happens to be a serious one. That doesn’t mean, though, that you will have to suffer financially for the carelessness of others.