1. Personalisation Marketing:

Today, smart retailers understand their customers are one click away from shopping with someone else. You could have all the customer data available, but do you really know your customers, their preferences and their purchasing habits.

Can you take action on this data? Personalized Marketing puts sophisticated targeting and offer management control into the hands of your shopper marketing team.

They’ll run simultaneous offers across multiple channels — easily — while providing a full suite of reporting using test and control methodology, showing true incremental sales and return on investment.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

Audience targeting and automatic content creation are just a few of the many ways AI can be used to help grow your user base and increase sales.

In this video, I’ll go over some startups that are applying AI to the marketing space and then programmatically walk through some AI techniques like matrix factorization, SVD, and LSTM neural networks that help a marketer outperform the competition and get the optimal results for their business.

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3. A/B Testing:

You try out two different versions of a website, to test which one works better. A/B testing tools usually allow you to plan the testing and record and analyse the outcomes. A/B testing you want to know about words, images, videos, phrases, testimonials, and many more function which work better. Even the easiest changes can affect the rate of conversion.

We can Do A/B Testing for AB Testing in SEO, Split Testing v/s AB Testing: What Are the Types of Tests, A/B Testing Statistics: What Are Champions, and Challengers, and Variations.

Some Key Points about A/B Testing:-

1. Titles & headlines

2. CTA’s

3. Images, audio, and videos

4. Subject Lines

5. Content Depth

6. Product Descriptions

7. Social Proof

8. Email Marketing

9. Online Mentions

10. Landing Page

4. Re-Marketing:

The first aim is to ensure you’re reaching out to the right people at the right time and delivering the right message. An example of this is when you go into any social media website, such as Facebook, and you realize that the adverts that you see are around previously browsed products and services like if you’ve searched for “Best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi” you might be seeing the ads all over the internet of these institutes.

Now this happens because companies will start collecting information based on what you like, and dislike, and start targeting that towards you so that you respond more favourably.

5. ChatBots:

Facebook Messenger marketing (also called chat bots, bots, and messenger bot) Facebook ChatBot’s are growing in popularity right now and for good reason. Messenger automation and chatbots for business are helping savvy business owners get profitable faster with its unique conversational-style marketing and interaction happens via written messages or voice.

Many marketers are learning how to use messenger bots to amplify their Facebook marketing.

6. Video Marketing:

A lot of people in the world engage with YouTube. It means more than half of the population are watching videos and most of those videos who created by digital marketer. Everyone knows YouTube is the most popular way to consume videos even more than Facebook.

Nowadays video is paired extremely useful and helpful user metrics of digital media to provide valuable data on how specific efforts are performing. Upcoming video marketing trend by 2020.

Video will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic in the world. One of the big benefits of businesses have with video marketing is the Production direction. Businesses wants their videos to look professional so they hire a Digital Marketing Company.

7. Voice Search:

Voice search is the term of machines that finally catch up the voice to the simplest way people want to search anything, buy anything, and explore anything.

Voice search is totally different from typing a query, particular in the search results. when a person type a query in a search, the screen display results at the time, but when a person tries voice search and asks a device to conduct a voice, and the device replies verbally. That means voice searches preparing for different approach.

But different it is never ignored in digital marketing because people are relying on it most of the time.

For example, meta-description of the website might be possible optimized for speech in case read better and out loud, when you are spoken rather than the drier style used to search strictly text-based.