What is a wedge pillow, and when to use it? Well, it is a great tool that will help you sleep comfortably. If you are looking out for the ways to sit in bed watching TV, work on the laptop late night or just want to elevate to ease down your back pain. There are too many benefits that you can get by using wedge pillows.

When to Use?

A mattress wedge pillow is used for comfortable sleeping that is made up of moderately firm foam. The pillow is triangular and tapered inclined that will help people to stay in a semi-upright position. It is for the multipurpose use that will depend on which part of the wedge pillow is against the bed will determine the inclination of the pillow. If you place the longest part against the wall and the smallest part against the bed, the bed wedge will be very upright that will help you to read the book.

proper sleep

If you traditionally place the bed wedge, then it will be perfectly inclined to the purpose of sleeping. There are different wedge pillows and Pillow Protector is available in different heights to decide how high of an inclination will suit you the best. Raising shoulders and head will help the people suffering from GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and acid reflux.

Another use of a bed wedge pillow is when the people are suffering from clogged sinuses. When sleeping with the head is raised, you will avoid your nose, and sinus gets flooded during sleep, but with the bed wedge, your sinus will drain off easily while sleeping. A bed wedge will help you sleep comfortably when you are sick as your sinus will drain off, and you won’t wake up with the pressure. Even if you are suffering from flu or cold, it is a great way to get relief.

Key Benefits of Wedge Pillow

There are certain benefits of the wedge pillow. Let us have a look at them.

1.Reduces Back Pain

Everyone doesn’t feel comfortable to sleep flat on their back. With the wedge pillow, you can get a slight elevation for your back. It will also lift the knees that will keep your back from straining.
It is a great tool that can be used in different positions so that you get support for your back. This will also help in reducing pain and ache.

2.Eases Snoring

Snoring can be due to different causes. Treatment will work differently for every person. If you are laying flat on the back and snoring but not when you lay on the side, then it is due to throat palate relaxing. The gravity will fall over your breathing pathway that will lead to snoring.

The best way to reduce snoring is to sleep in an elevated position. The bed wedge pillow is an effective and easy way to sleep comfortably at different angels to ease snoring.

3.Reduce Swelling in your Legs

If your legs are swollen and you are going through a lot of pain, then try using a wedge pillow. People do face pain of swollen legs when they have to stay on their feet for the whole day. This is uncomfortable and painful.
There are different reasons people suffer from swelling in their legs. If you can elevate your feel, it might help you get relief from the pain and reduce the swelling. A wedge pillow will help in elevating your legs while sleeping so that you can sleep comfortably without any pain.

4.Zero Gravity Position

This sleeping position is the perfect posture for sleeping and relaxing. In this position, you lay off on the back; the torso is raised and keep your knees slightly bent and support them. This position is said to be a zero-gravity position. This is a natural position to get to make your body relaxed. In this position, you can remove all the pressure and strain from your body.
This posture allows you to sleep calmly and reduces all your pain and ache. It is the best position, and you will feel more comfortable when you support the posture with your bed wedge pillow.

5.Optimal Lounging

Whether you are lounging on the couch, bed, or floor, a wedge pillow will help you lounge properly. You can use this pillow while using a tablet, providing a comfortable sitting position, or even reading a book. You can use the wedge pillow in countless ways.


There are too many benefits and uses of a wedge pillow, but make sure that you but the one that is right for you and you know how to use it. Get the one that will eliminate your nervous tension that is produced by should, neck, or head pain to allow you a peaceful night.