Today’s advancing world has provided small businesses with countless methods of performing routine tasks in the workplace. Need to make a call? You could make use of a mobile phone, a traditional landline, an internet-based phone call, Zoom, and more. Want to send a message? You can use the regular SMS, WhatsApp messenger, email, or the rapidly growing internet faxing service.

Cloud Faxing

The faxing industry has undergone a massive transformation with the inception of internet fax services. Gone are the days of excessive paper clutter and constant fax machine maintenance issues attributed to traditional faxing. With a good service provider, faxing can now be a cost-efficient, secure, and reliable method of communication.

There are numerous service providers in the market today, and care should be taken when choosing the perfect cloud faxing service provider for your business. Here are four mistakes to avoid when choosing a suitable cloud faxing service.

Inadequate Background Research

Assuming that every cloud fax service provides the same features is a huge mistake. Before choosing one, it is vital to understand the services they provide and whether they meet your needs.

Different cloud fax services use different platforms to operate, and depending on your business faxing needs, you can choose whether to use their application, web page or simply send and receive fax from Gmail.

No matter what kind of business you have, doing proper background research will ensure you choose the best cloud faxing service with the right features for your faxing requirements. How long have they been in business? What types of companies do they serve? What are their pricing options?

Picking the Wrong Plan

Choosing a service provider is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the internet fax service providers in the market today have numerous price plans, each offering different features. Choosing the right plan depends on the number of faxes you expect to send and receive. It also depends on the preferred billing cycle, be it monthly, annually, or quarterly.

Choose a plan based on your employee and client count to avoid an unnecessarily overpriced plan. The scalability of internet faxing allows you to scale up or down depending on the state of the business.

Poor Understanding of the Terms of Service

Before settling for an internet fax service provider or any other cloud service provider, it is crucial to read and understand the terms and conditions of service. Properly going through these terms will prevent any unnecessary conflict in the future. Such conflicts may result from hidden additional prices or lack of some services you were expecting.

There may also be issues regarding data location and security. If not seen and addressed beforehand, such hidden clauses may cost your business a significant amount of money.

Failure to Factor In the Employee Learning Period


Introducing a new tool or operational process comes with a learning period for the employees involved. Technology changes dynamically over short periods of time, and keeping up with it is no easy feat. Internet-based faxing is relatively simple, especially compared to grappling with traditional fax machines.

However, this shouldn’t make you disregard the time it may take for employees to get used to the new mode of communication. Giving the employees ample time to learn the faxing system will result in higher efficiency and productivity.

Consider Your Options Carefully

Cloud-based faxing has revolutionized the faxing industry. Faxing is now faster and more efficient than ever. To get the most out of online faxing, choose the right service provider and pricing plan for your business.

Don’t choose a service provider based on their popularity without considering your options carefully. Avoid these mistakes, and you’re good to go.